27 Cleaning Windows With Attitude

Cleaning Windows With Attitude

old lady, latvia 1


This old lady from Latvia has no fear…

old lady, latvia 2


old lady, latvia 3


old lady, latvia 4


old lady, latvia 5


old lady, latvia 6


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27 responses to “Cleaning Windows With Attitude”

  1. Orhidee says:

    Ohhhoooo, how brave granny !

  2. Don Chichot says:

    “This old lady from Latvia has no fair…”
    Shouldn’t be: “This old lady from Latvia has no fear…”?

    But anyway – nice photo. 🙂

  3. Starshii says:

    Babushka rules!;)

  4. spn says:

    This granny called ‘Latvian Spiderwoman’, she is president of Latvia Sport Commitete

  5. janis eldronivich says:

    regular behaviour in this mad country,,, i think its on brivibas iela,,, meaning freedom street… she just feeling free 🙂

  6. Bishop Brennan says:

    Careful now…

  7. peter says:

    I think its brivibas iela too 😀

  8. Texas1 says:

    Those old Russian ladies have great spirit.

    • janis eldronivich says:

      old russian lady?? its in latvija.. just as likely that she is old latvian lady,, i hate the assumption that latvija is russia….. 2 different worlds.. 2 different languages.. 2 differnt cultures.

  9. Maerlyn says:

    I bet you wanted to write “fear”.

  10. anonymous says:

    why IS she cleaning them?
    you can’t even see through them anyway

    but she seems to clean op the wood ?
    pretty weird.

    o yeah, nice dress 😛

  11. gosha says:

    Maybe she’s just tired of living and tries to commit casual suicide.

  12. chiiba says:

    it is brivibas iela

  13. mmda says:

    Yes, it is. I know that house.

  14. garnele says:

    Cool pictures, greats

  15. Dave says:

    Brivibas? Is the place new, it doesn’t look familiar to me? Also can’t tell if she is Latvian or Russian, they all dress like that. Vecmamina or Bobushka?

  16. mmda says:

    !!! Vecmamina, You’re quiet right.

  17. Boris Abramov says:

    “Son open up, i’v learned my lesson! – I will never come in to your room without knocking!”

  18. fromukrainewithlove says:

    people from baltic states aren’t even slavic race

    • marvin says:

      True, they are not of Slavic race, however, their languages belong to the Indo-European language family which, including also languages such as English, German etc, makes them relatives of (at least language wise) Slavic peoples. The only one of the three Baltic peoples not related to Slavic peoples is the Estonians whose language belongs to the Finno-Ugric(Finnish, Hungarian, Mari, Komi etc) language family.

      Yet it is true that Latvians (at least) are of an utterly different mindset than,. e.g., Russians ….

  19. marvin says:

    One more thing, sry …

    Genetic research and a possible Finnio-Ugric origin

    In addition, and to a great extent in contradiction to research on the basis of linguistic analysis, genetics-related data has started to emerge in recent years. According to Finnish research (Laitinen et al, 2001) and Richard Villems (2001, Estonia) who have carried out principal component analysis of some major genetic lines, the closest genetic relatives of modern Balts (Lithuanians and Latvians) appear to be modern Estonians and Mari people (autonomous republic of Mari-El in Russia) while Russians and Poles have considerably less genetic similarity. This has led some scientists to believe that the people known today as Balts were initially largely of Finno-Ugric origin (or in turn, modern day Finns were initially of east Baltic origin) – thus, the languages spoken today by these groups would have become established through language replacement.


  20. What a brave women!! nice photos

  21. arabworld says:

    she is really brave indeed!

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