14 A Piece of Nice 3D Image

A Piece of Nice 3D Image

Posted on February 25, 2007 by

amazing 3d picture 4

This is not a photo, it is a totally artificial 3D drawing by Russian designer Makar Vertigo, he manually described each smallest detail of this picture, and the rendering took his computer 10 hours.

Click on the picture to see larger, 1024×1024 detailed version.

amazing 3d picture 1

amazing 3d picture 2

amazing 3d picture 3

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14 responses to “A Piece of Nice 3D Image”

  1. AmericanRussia says:

    that’s simply amazing 🙂

  2. Bishop Brennan says:

    That’s insane. Someone with alot of free time of their hands.

  3. Psycho Dude says:

    Those are some awesome looking renders :D, great detail!

  4. G10 says:

    wow it is lavish and exotic

  5. pld says:

    Check out http://irtc.org/ for more amazing synthetic images

  6. Paul B-G says:

    For the first time ever, I am tempted to accuse an image that admits to being fake of actually being real!

  7. Allan Siew says:

    I couldn’t even tell the difference.

  8. nitos says:

    nice, thats awesome!

  9. milky candy says:

    Geez, would be nice if they made video games with such graphism!!Impressive

  10. Phiu-x says:

    Its called raytracing. When this is going to be real-time, gaming will never be the same. I say … 15 years top.

  11. Yoron says:

    I doubt it, to realistic. Zoom in on the photos f.ex..

  12. jabba says:

    It lacks in depht of field realism, a real photo couldn’t be entirely in perfect focus like that, nonetheless a very meticulous work.

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