11 Russian Army 3D Shooter

Russian Army 3D Shooter

Posted on February 22, 2007 by

We’ve seen bad things in Russian army, but this is kind of creative. Russian guy in army imitates a 3D shooter game like Doom or Quake.

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11 responses to “Russian Army 3D Shooter”

  1. Realni Chuvak Belgiiski says:

    They got way too much time to kill! 🙂

  2. Evgeny says:

    Oh my God, it is so funny. Reminds me of what we had done when I was in the army. No wonder they say “whoever served in the Russian army does not laugh in the circus” (not sure if I translated it correctly – kto sluzhil v rossijskoj armii tot v zirke ne smejetsja)

  3. Aiwan says:

    Lol, of course. People waste 2 years in our army, so they have to invent something to entertain themselves.

  4. Ari the Finn says:


  5. Mucosolvan says:

    lol this is nice ^^

  6. LeoXiao says:

    haha… russians are so immature…

    I hope they had the safety on on the guns.

  7. xxx says:

    this is a young warriors which call to serve with 18y
    only deliver secondary school , but could not enter in high universities

    DooM3 )

  8. Amuzed says:

    Awesome movie, especialy the part when he tried to exit that room and was bloked by the door =))

  9. NimBrank says:

    Thanks. I read with interest. Blog poised to Favorites =)

  10. Tarantino says:

    Excuse, that I interrupt you, would like to offer other decision.

  11. Alex says:

    LOL say “LOL” if you like porno pics underneath

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