33 Russian Ads by Mr.Evil

Russian Ads by Mr.Evil

Posted on February 22, 2007 by

These are works of Russian net-artist Mr.Evil. He often published his own view on different things in Russia, including these ads. A few days ago he was visited by people from Russian police. All his printed works were confiscated and he was told not to leave the city or he would regret a lot. That’s a real story of a real person, happening these days in Russia.

The ad above is for Russian cloths brand “Extra”.

This one is pretty self descriptive.

That’s an ad for Russian national lottery “Russian Loto”

An ad of “Sons of Russia” Karate school

An ad for child books.

Another “Welcome to Russia” poster. This one shows a real lady sitting in the entrance to public WC. In Russia you have to pay for all the public WCs.

This one was mentioned by police. This is a mix of McDonalds and Nazi style.

This one is Probably about Russian countryside.

Lays potato chips ad.

An IKEA ad.


Drink Coca-Cola light. Please.

Some vodka ad

“Join Russian Orthodox Church”

So, Welcome to Russia!

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33 responses to “Russian Ads by Mr.Evil”

  1. maxD says:

    I like them. I do understand that the conservative average Russian [like the police] might feel a bit uneasy about them, though. Bad luck for them !!

  2. these are devastating! Hope that guy likes siberia!

  3. russkiebomb says:

    That is also important to mention recent terrorists attack on St.Petersburgs MacDonalds. So Russian investigators try
    hard to find any clues about this case.

  4. ViolenceDispenser says:

    Thank you russkiebomb

    I really appreciate that you took the time out of your day to provide us with a translation from that forum so that the rest of us can find out what’s going on. Good work, mate.

    Cheers 🙂

  5. Mattias says:

    that guy’s really good

  6. Dimon says:

    Too childish to be seriously offensive.

  7. mr. complainer says:

    The images aren’t working!

  8. Alex says:

    Another so called artist trying to make his name with some sort of Shock factor… Some of them are good , others really overdone (McDonalds one) – nothing special overall.

  9. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Adblocker orders me to say “stalin”!


  10. dimon says:

    Oh! Please!
    First of all these photographs are not adds.
    Second they were made for Russian audience. Descriptions here are complete misleading.
    To explain subtext of each photograph you have to attach a short essay going into recent Russian history and every day life.
    Here are originals http://www.photosight.ru/ownpage.php?authorid=74081

    • deficit says:

      And the picture with rabbits has nothing to do with vodka. Of course it’s way too difficult for the target audience ot this web-site to understand that Russia is not all about vodka, but I still think that the author should try to tell the truth and not his personal opinion…

  11. aaaaaaaa says:

    I like the IKEA one hahahah

  12. wittbelle says:

    Amazing. If this guy weren’t so anti-establishment, he could come to the U.S. on some sort of exhile visa and become very, very wealthy.

  13. talking beaver says:

    Cool pictures! Terrific!

    Somehow remind me of the novels of modern Russian writer Viktor Pelevin.

    As of picture:

    1) The sign says, as you can partially read yourselves:

    Toll toilet.
    For Russians – 10 roubles.
    For Inturist (i.e. foreign tourists) – 20 roubles.
    Paper for free!

    2) Pay attention to the medal the woman is wearing. This is what I consider typical Russian habit.

    I have seen hundreds of senior Russians walking around (mostly though in Soviet time) with all their orders and medals on. Whatever they had got. Even if they were going to buy some bread or milk, they always put those on.

    One of the most ridiculous cases I have seen was old guy in sky-blue sport suit (not too new and not too clean) with Soviet shopping bag the regular medals. What a sight! Laughing stock!

    BTW. That kind of shopping bag called “avos’ka” (approx. “just-in-case bag”) and it was kind of a net bag, which you can fold and carry around in your pocket, because you do not know when you will have a sudden chance to buy some little bit better food.

  14. talking beaver says:

    I like that “fascism” bit.

    It is suprprising how out-of-this world Russian mindset often is.

    I am sure that nobody non-Russian can understand them fully ever, as if we would be living in different planes of reality.

    They look like people, act like people and are overall rather nice. But often, as soon as they open their mouths, you suddenly feel like there would be alien an talking to you.

    Just like talking to radical Islamist guys about liberties of women and place of religion in a society.

    “Clash of civilizations”, that’s what that is.

    Mind of poor Russian people seem to be twisted and polluted irreversibly by last soon to be 100 years of brainwashing by ruling regimes.

  15. this says:

    this is true Russia !!

  16. brbrbr says:

    good pictures.

  17. Shooroop says:

    Ahahahaha, after all, that have been posted here I think, it would be found less people, wishing to go to Mother Russia))))

  18. Nastya says:

    I live in Russia… I had never seen something like this pictures!!!! IN RUSSIA!! WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS PICTURES?!!! We (people in Russia) live in our country better than you think.

  19. asdf says:

    This site blows.

  20. PKS says:

    Some people obviously don’t understand parody.

  21. Pretty Ukrainian says:

    haha russian people nvr can take subtle or to-the-face criticism

  22. diet menus says:

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  24. David Levy says:

    Kinda makes you wanna burn down a Mc Donalds 🙂

  25. David Levy says:

    Really though what does the burger king look like or the kfc.

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