10 Ice and Snow Sculptures in Petrozavodsk

Ice and Snow Sculptures in Petrozavodsk


These days there was a lot of snow all over USA and Russia, so many people post the things they make from it.

And here is a photoset from Russian city Petrozavodsk in Karelia, about the contest for the best snow or ice thing you can make.











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10 Responses to “Ice and Snow Sculptures in Petrozavodsk”

  1. valksi says:

    idi ty nahyi finski troll

    not the best ice sculptures, but nice pics anyway

  2. Commenting Lithuanian says:

    Very nice

  3. maxD says:

    I like them in general. very nice.

  4. eliyahu says:

    During WW2, when finns occupied it, it was called Janislinna, not Petroskoi. Moi moi

  5. Bishop Brennan says:

    Ah FAO, what happened to you? Your posts used to be funny and quite good in a anti-USA point of view. I think the fame has gotten to your head!

  6. Asmat says:

    Great pictures and great sculptures. Very similar sculptrures are also made at North China.

  7. strawberry blueberry says:

    I like the angel snow sculpture, she looks a bit like Roman Dirge’s “Lenore”.

  8. Nerd(Petrozavodsk) says:

    This Giperboreya

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