7 Request for Information

Request for Information

Posted on February 20, 2007 by

russian govermental

This is a security cam shot from one of Russian governmental offices.

The old lady couldn’t read what is written on the top information sheet, so she… climbed on the table and continued her readings.

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7 Responses to “Request for Information”

  1. fromukrainewithlove says:

    i’m happy for her that she still can climb on tables..

  2. Texas1 says:

    This American thinks it is pretty cool. I’ve met a few old Russian ladies in the Portland, Oregon area. You have to admire their outgoingness and charisma.

  3. DooMKa says:

    When “security cam” put on the table area?

  4. fikamar says:

    nothing wrong with her, because she want to read it
    I will doing like that if I want to read the top information sheet… but with chair.

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