10 Pumping House Dad

Pumping House Dad

Posted on February 20, 2007 by

Music style “pumping house” was fashionable in Europe in the late 90s, and in St. Petersburg, Russia it is still popular.

Here you can see one of the oldest fans of pumping house. He imitates pump movement sometimes with his hands also.


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10 Responses to “Pumping House Dad”

  1. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    RAVE ON!!!!11one

  2. Sven says:

    WOW what’s this song name? Dabai Kachai???

    • Geevee says:

      As you can see in titres, there are parts from three XS Project’s songs: “Tabletka” (“Pill”), “Raskolbazz” (“Raving over”) and “Nasos (remix2005)” (“Pump”).

  3. anon says:

    I sent the video to my Ukranian coworker Natasha — she translated this ‘silliness’ for me — he’s saying ‘come on let’s pump, everybody pump’ and he’s praising the sausages, talking about how his mother taught him how wonderful these particular sausages are and now he is also praising the wonderful sausages. Natasha concluded that she’s ‘never been interested in this sort of thing’

  4. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Kolbasa = sausage, but in this context, word “kolbasa” doesn`t mean “sausage”, it means “rave”, or “disco”, a place where people “get down” very hard. Verb “kolbasitsa” means “to rave”, and “kolbaser” – is a guy who goes on rave and dances a lot.

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  6. Geevee says:

    Oh yeah, that’s a real pizdets.

  7. fruit says:

    это пипец полнейший…

  8. javi says:

    bumping ruso lo puto mejorr del mundoooooooo ronpeteee junkeras

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