26 Old Russian Money

Old Russian Money

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Old Russian money.

These ones are from the Soviet era.

Bill 1 Russian rouble

Three Russian roubles

With the Kremlin depicted.

Russian five roubles.

Also with Kremlin.

Russian ten roubles, there is no Kremlin but there is Lenin.

Twenty five Soviet roubles. With Lenin.


Fifty Russian roubles from Soviet times. Lenin meets Kremlin on this bill.

Hundred Soviet Russian roubles. Lenin and Kremlin stay together.

And five hundred roubles (with Lening and Kremlin) – it appeared far later than previous ones, only in 1991 and existed just a few months.

These are bill from pre-Soviet Era. From old Russia. This one is one rouble. No Lenin.

Five old Russian roubles.


And these ones below were temporary money between old Russian and Soviet Russia. Mostly with Lenin.


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26 responses to “Old Russian Money”

  1. Enomis says:

    We have such boring money in the US

  2. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    I have a pre-soviet paper rouble, with two-headed eagle, depicted over swastika.

    • katjusha says:

      how can it be pre-soviet with swastika? soviet union was declared in 1922, way before swasika 😉

      • MaxS says:

        Mind you, swastika is a much older symbol than you might expect (the word itself is derived from Sanskrit, where it meant any lucky sign or symbol). The problem is that most people now tend to associate it with nazis only, while it actually is far more ancient and not so negative.

        • katjusha says:

          you’re right… swastika is much older symbol but it’s also true that people associate it with nazis. but in the comment by Acts_of_Atrocity swastika was mentioned in contest of soviet union and nazi germany (not the sanskrit or india…)

  3. lithuanian says:

    mmm used to have some of these.
    something to pay your play mates when playing a shop

  4. Molnia says:

    interesting, but wasn’t there also a 1917 (post february revolution) rouble with a double headed eagle interlocked with a swastika?

  5. rider says:

    Sale old russian paper money. Big collektions.
    Krasnodar sity
    +7 918 999-31-99

  6. Aleksandr Rakintsev says:

    What is the price of your collection?

    Conditions of delivery?


  7. Allan says:

    New book about Estonian Paper Money 1919-1940+1991-2008
    900+ different notes+600+pictures

  8. Cigarettes says:

    Money money money 🙂

  9. So the question is what’s the govenrments role in all of this. Are they helping or hurting or just not even a player. I always try to look behind the scenes and see who’s pulling the strings.

  10. elaine says:

    so wat is yall money called

  11. ss says:

    I got some pre-soviet notes (as well as many soviet notes and coins), pre-soviet ones are huge – mines from 1897. Got to say, big bills looked way more interesting then.

  12. Tom Jablonski says:

    I have a “100 Roubles” note just like the one shown under the heading “five old Russian roubles.
    What, is its value in US dollars?


  13. mehran says:

    We have some very old money of russia.If you are interested to this collection please email us.

    thanks mehran

    • Edward Rodriguez says:

      Dear Mehran

      1. I am interested in your Russian money collection.

      2. I will appreciate it if you could send photographs of the currency in the collection.

      3. Also, please let me know about payment terms.

      4. Many thanks

      Edward R.

      • denise says:

        I have a bagful of old russian paper money from my grandpa email me if interested

      • john says:

        i have 3- 5 rubles 1909, 13- 10rubles 1909, 4- 25rubles 1909, 17- 100rubles 1910, and 34- 500rubles 1912. honestly some are in great shape. lemma know if interested. 973 580 3178.

  14. devon says:

    russia has some of the best looking money

  15. scott zickefoose says:

    I have old roubles like 1,3,5,10,20,50,100,1,000, and 10,000 roubles
    call me at (925)625-4567
    scott zickefoose

  16. Anwar Ahmed says:

    I have an old Russian currencies 250 Rubbles of 1917 in paper money, if anyone interested to purchase the said currency then please contact me Anwar Ahmed (+92 345 3287355)

  17. danish says:

    hi every one I want to sell old russian note 100 rubles 1910 cotact me if any one seriously interested.

  18. Lucas F says:

    Hey. I have ’29’ 100 rubble bills from 1910. Good condition more less.

  19. Saad Paracha says:

    Old Russian Currency Available before the revolution …..in 5, 25 and 100 denominations and are dated back till 1898.

    Interested people conatact me at +92 301 5262767

    Saad P.

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