8 Cat’s Religion

Cat’s Religion

Posted on February 20, 2007 by


Cats, Boris loves you!

(the name of the cat on the ad is Boris)

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8 Responses to “Cat’s Religion”

  1. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    [:]|/\/\/\/\/\|[:], but still hilarious.

  2. Texas1 says:

    Boris is a common cat name in the United States. By the way, do Russians get the cable channel called Comedy Central? They had a HILARIOUS sitcom called “That’s My Bush”. This picture reminds me of the episode where the family cat had to be put to sleep. If you are a Russian and you find this site disturbing at times, just watch an episode of “That’s My Bush”. You will immediately fall on the floor laughing at the US and more specifically the Bush family.

  3. Finnish Alco Addict says:

    Texas1, i prefer to watch films where americans die!

  4. Texas1 says:

    That looks like touchdown Jesus at the University of Notre Dame. http://www.nd.edu/aboutnd/about/sights/images/gal_heslibrary_lg.jpg

  5. Russia baby says:

    It simply publicity board kitecat, against a building, also do not think that Russia absolutely has gone mad. it`s not Texas. i`s RUSSIA

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