13 Subway Traffic Jam Photos

Subway Traffic Jam Photos

Posted on February 19, 2007 by

We had Moscow subway traffic jam videos once, now we have photos.


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13 Responses to “Subway Traffic Jam Photos”

  1. Sturmovik says:

    Well, at least they have beautiful subway stations to be jammed in. Not the rat infested placed they have in other cities.

  2. Texas1 says:

    From the pictures that I have seen on this site, the subways in Russia are very beautiful and clean.

  3. Bishop Brennan says:

    Can you imagine the panic and chaos if a fire were to break out?

  4. Enomis says:

    I would not be able to stand all those people so close to me!

    • Anna says:

      Why? Because you hate Russians?

      • ViolenceDispenser says:

        Come off it.

        I’m sure Enomis means that in the same sense that some people would not like to be in the mosh pit of some massive rock concert. It’s a large volume of humanity rubbing against you, pushing against you, coughing on you, etc and the only way to get out is to “go with the flow”.

        I think you’ve deliberately parsed Enomis’ innocuous statement in such a way that you can read it offensively. As if you wanted something to be offended about.

      • Enomis says:

        I definitely did not mean because I hate Russians – I just couldn’t be with ANY people in such close quarters. Being from an area in the US where there are no subways or public transportation, I just couldn’t concieve that many people being in one place at one time!

      • Texas1 says:

        Another communist chick with a bad attitude.

  5. Anya Doll says:

    those are fun :) hahahaha
    jk, but that is why if you’re gona use the subway you should learn the rules of it first — like what stations to stay away from at what times and days. yup.

  6. Stevec says:

    Excellent pictures – reminds me of getting stuck in the subway in Tokyo a few years ago, just after the sarin gas attacks, when everyone was still on major panic alert.

    As soon as the smallest thing happened, they stopped the trains, but they didn’t think to step more and more people entering!

    Not fun,


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