53 Prayer for Unlimited Internet

Prayer for Unlimited Internet

Posted on February 19, 2007 by

In most regions of Russia except Moscow and St.Petersburg users have to pay for each megabyte of data they download.

There are simply no unlimited plans.

But people want them. So some act like this: come to the provider office and pray for unlimited plans. It may help.

Though if unlimited Internet plans would be approved across all the Russia the new rise of piracy can be expected.

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53 Responses to “Prayer for Unlimited Internet”

  1. Alex says:

    “Though if unlimited Internet plans would be approved across all the Russia the new rise of piracy can be expected.” – uh???

    You can go and by pirated disks super cheap now. How exactly unlimited internet fits into this?

  2. Acts_of_Atrocity says:


  3. sbull.net says:

    I doubt a group of 25 guys is going to change anything.

  4. Texas1 says:

    I would think that the Russian mafia would be selling pirated materials everywhere in Russia. Maybe the government wants people to buy through the mafia instead of getting it free over the Internet.

    What religion are they?

    That looks like a nice, clean town? What is its name and how many people live there?

  5. romeo says:

    Try to you see the difference between simple flashmob and serious action or demand.

  6. Sturmovik says:

    If I were rich I would provide these people with broadband satellite just for the effort. Where is Bill Gates?

  7. Xavi says:

    Someone from Omsk wishing to join me in such kind of praying?
    Just kidding, it’s -20ºC out there and I’m afraid nothing to be achieved.

    Being a European Internet heavy user it was a shock to face such kind of tariffs, when I used to pay less than 40€/month for much faster and unlimited connection. ¡¡¡ For that money I couldn’t get more than 900 Mb now !!! In past I was for sure downloading up to 5.00010.000 Mb. every month ;-(. Moreover, when someone calling me, connection just vanishes… and they still call it ADSL.

    Someone should tell Mr.Putin and Co. that instead of paying Microsoft licenses, they’d better promote open source software and unlimited Internet connections all over the country.

    Regarding piracy, it’s so widely spread that I really doubt that flat fared internet would help it to rise much more.

    • D says:

      “Moreover, when someone calling me, connection just vanishes… and they still call it ADSL.”

      If you would install the ADSL filters this wouldn’t happen.

      • Xavi says:

        I’ve beautiful filters installed (one in each telephone)… but I’m afraid it’s all about post-soviet phone lines and ISP’s technology which can’t handle voice and data as they should (when it’s me the one who’s calling, moreoften everything is OK).

        Any other suggestions are welcome :)

        • D says:

          Go to the telephone exchange box (where the line comes into the house) and split the line there. One line with a filter, the other without. Run a direct line to your modem without the filter from this box. If this doesnt work, then yeah, the lines in the area are bad. I worked with DSL in the U.S. and most of the problems are the lines inside the house, but I cant say its the same in Russia.

          • Xavi says:

            Thanks for your kind, quick and useful answer !!!

            However, rather soon I’m moving and I expect this problem will be over (moving to a new building in a rather new neighborhood)… but I’ll keep your advice in mind.

            • Boris says:

              Also try putting the actual modem inside the box, and running a power cable and ethernet to your router. This will improve the speed\latency a bit, since there is less distance of phone wire, and ethernet cables are uneffected within reasonable distance(~100m), compared to sensitive phone wiring.

  8. Brad M says:

    I live a few kilometers from the Kremlin in Moscow, and I recently found out we can now get unlimited broadband access.

    Part of the problem is that there are often only limited service providers to a particular building. So you may only be able to go with company X, because they effectively have a monopoly on your building. I’m hoping that’ll change…

    When I arrived here in August 2005, unlimited Internet was simply unavailable. Instead, I settled for 4 Mbps ADSL connection with a 4 Gb download limit per month for about $40 USD. Overage fees amount to about $20 per GB.

    Then they made 256 Kbps unlimited connections available. But recently things improved. Just today I switched over to a new service that is 2 Mbps ADSL, unlimited downloads and includes 54 TV channels. Price? $30 USD.

    It won’t be active until March 1st, but I’m excited to start using the Internet again without concern.

    To Anya: What kind of connection are you talking about? 300 hours sounds like a telephone and modem connection…not high speed.

  9. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Omgomg. We`r d00med.

  10. swordofcaine says:

    Muscovites, eh?
    How little you know of ur own people living a few miles away from the capital

  11. D says:

    If the goverment would spend their money on Telecommunications infrastructure instead of a new missle they can sell to Iran, then these companies would be able to provide what the people want. It would also create jobs and promote technological innovation which would boost the economy. But being stuck in a cold war mentality, the Russian people still fear of being beaten on the battlefield like many other times, and they would rather spend their money on bullets instead of bread.

    • Mikhail says:

      What a load of bull! ISP’s are PRIVATE companies, they do what they need to get more money and nothing else. It is not profitable for them (sometimes) to provide unlimited Internet plans. In Samara (where I live) VolgaTelecom (the company from the picture) provide unlimited access to the Internet along with other companies like SamaraLAN, DOM.RU and more. Market economy, competition – bears are not walking over the Red Square as you now :) Nice to read there about famous Russian Mafia – it is everywhere… More ravings. Ah, when this will be stopped?

  12. Van says:

    Anna! YOu are lying Ther is no unlim in middle Russia..I know!!! )))))may be in Moscow or Peterburg

  13. firsak says:

    I live in this town! :)

  14. gsk says:

    I live in this town too =))

  15. Texas1 says:

    Communist chicks have attitude problems.

  16. CrAsH says:


  17. FikuSS says:

    Preved from Russian mafia! =)

  18. Sir Jan says:

    You arrrre fool, Anna from Moskalya.

  19. Eltsin says:

    Vova, who is this guys?

  20. Putin says:


  21. FikuSS says:

    Владимир Владимирович! Прекратите этот беспердел! Оо

  22. SuperMegaKiller2000 says:

    Oh my God! Is it a nice idea! It is Necessary so too try

  23. Morozov says:

    4to za blagan vi tyt razveli ewe??

  24. Sm1Le says:

    Ulyanovsk rules))) Guyz who planned this action, have u ever thought that it’ll become famous for all over the world? ;)
    PS sorry for my English)

  25. KGB says:

    Kalinka-Malinka ;)

  26. SuperMegaKiller2000 says:

    Matreshki Medvedi Vodka Bania Zima

  27. TaRamm says:

    Your comments are so funny! Народ, блин, просветите же их наконец , что нет у нас мафии! :)
    Ulyanovsk rulezzz! Welcome to Lenin’s place of birth! гыгыгыгы!

    • SuperMegaKiller2000 says:

      да у нас вместо мафии гопы. объясните глупым американцам что такое ГОП! :)

  28. Maria says:

    I live in Vladivostok, unlimited 128 costs about $60, 256 – about $90, quality’s below mediocre.
    8mbps costs fortune.
    and I don’t think that I a great pirate. shops are full of counterfeit disks.

  29. Ironman says:

    I know about the remarkable and mysterious country of Russia much. I many times was there, but understand Russian I could not. They do not have mafia! In Russia there are only street gangsters who steal crowd of money from small children. Russian call such gangsters – Gop. In Russia it is possible to buy directly in the underground piracy copies of CD. Bears along the street wander, drink vodka and sing songs. But I as the radical American declare – Russia better America! In Russia very beautiful girls. It is enough to tell – Let’s engage in sex and she will agree. In Russia scanty penalties for infringement of rules of traffic! For example for excess of speed – 20 cents! If to appear in the street very drunk the police will allocate{remove} in special hotel for drunk. Russian validly concern to drunk people… It is possible to list advantages of Russia indefinitely!
    PS:Now I live in Russia and I do not regret about it. I have girl. Her name is Natasha. She very much loves vodka and sex.

  30. Ken says:

    Comment by Ironman
    “Russian call such gangsters – Gop”
    Бугага, этапять! :D

  31. SuperMegaKiller2000 says:

    else beside us in russia free benzine. On street always purely. Even soil and spit not to want. In shop beside us are sold only pirate disks in school and building we use only pirate provision, license softs to use it is impossible – a fine. The Fine is subtracted from salary. The Average salary 100$. In village 30$. Else beside us home animal – a bear, they eat vodka and bathe in beating only.

  32. vvv says:

    Russia rulezzz! American mustdie!

  33. ulix111 says:

    Jole, legendo!

    Jole is real person and legendary broadband – right’s warrior. I understand him, I respect everybody’s opinion.

    Good luck Jole, rolling stone gathers no moss !

  34. Earl Trotter says:

    Does your sister know of any kind of DSL service in the
    Rostov Region. YES, I know all about the internet access
    cards! I

  35. unlike says:

    I can asseverate that this situation in Russia repeated every winter, when bears begins occupation of our homes and computers (it can also that I not this man who I`m – it may be I bear)

  36. eu says:

    russians have good sence of humore

  37. Bob says:

    Ulyanovsk now has several unlimited ADSL plans. My inlaws live there and I just sent them a MagicJack so they can call us anytime. BTW – Ulyanovsk is a great place! I love browsing the bazarre’s and the smaller shops. So much different the the USA.

  38. Velvet says:

    Wow, my hometown here, cant believe it)))
    And yes, Volgatelecom sux, there are always problems with them, even now they still dont have “pure” unlimited internet, there are always speed and volume limits. The network is often down.In other words, all people who had an opportunity, already changed to another ISP.

  39. Hailey Hall says:

    broadband internet these days are dirt cheap, there are more and more broadband companies offering cheap service too::-

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