27 Chechen Video

Chechen Video

Posted on February 18, 2007 by

This video is made in Chechnya, Russia.

Youtube author called it “Chechen Rave”, I think its not a good title, but can’t figure out what do they do, really.


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27 Responses to “Chechen Video”

  1. This reminds me of sufi dancing I saw in Pakistan.

  2. Sturmovik says:

    I don’t know what they are doing but many military units do this type of thing to prepare for battle all through history. Even today some units in U.S. Army do similar chants and dance before battle. They call it the ‘War dance’.

  3. Sturmovik says:

    This looks like some sort of religious ceremony.

  4. Delicious says:

    That one half bald dude toward the beginning was really going to town with the clapping.

  5. Shep says:

    They are celebrating world domination for their religion.
    They are our opponents too.

    • Texas1 says:

      If that’s the case, join us in the middle east.

      • mrcann says:

        the current middle east strategy was, is and will be a failure. doubt politicians could come up with anything of real value. they should have kept Saddam at power – at least he knew how to deal with his fellow countrimen and there was a relative order. i think hitting their financial supplies would of been much better alternative to start with.

  6. poiu says:

    Breakdance :-D

  7. illlich says:

    very similar to tribal religious meetings around the world (reminds me of Native American/American Indian drum circles).

    Indeed, I would like to see them breakdancing too, then it would be like other ‘circle dances’ around the world (including like Russians do).

    • sbull.net says:

      Looks exactly like Native Americans! All they’re missing are drums and marijuana.

      • Texas1 says:

        don’t forget alcohol. American Indians can’t do anything without getting drunk.

        • illlich says:

          0ohhh… that alcohol comment was mean-spirited; how would YOU react if someone came and took an entire continent away from you and tried to force you to worship a different god, wear strange clothes, speak a new language. . . ?

          I know they drink, can’t say I blame them. Maybe Russians have a long tradition of heavy drink for similar reasons– stuck in poor and brutal conditions, no hope of ever influencing their government. Maybe similar to the Irish under the Brits. . . or am I reaching too far here?

          • Texas1 says:

            I think you are over reacting. North American was first inhabited by the Chinese. They had settlements in what is now the states of Washington and Oregon. They were killed off by Indians and those remaining eventually left. When the Europeans came, they brought technology, medicine and civility. If it weren’t for the Europeans, North America would just be another Africa. Since the Indians were always at war with each other, they never had a chance to develop. It’s just like the book Guns, Guts ans Steel.

            • Texas1 says:

              Wow, lots of questions. I just like to make comments about indians beause europeans always like to bring that up when slamming the US. It’s one of their favorites.

              The author spoke about why Africa never developed. He made the conclusion that Africa couldn’t develop because the continents was ALWAYS engaged in brutal warfare. The continent was too busy fighting to put down its primitive weapons and develop scientifically and culturally. I feel that North America would have been this way if the Europeans hadn’t have come. Until the Europeans came, the Indians were engaged in tribal warfare, were very primitive, had inefficient methods for producing food and were starving. In time, the Indians probably would have been destroyed by nature.

              While Europe has had many wars, it has had long stretches of peace and prosperity that allowed the advancement of their civilization.

              Being raised near a large mennonite/amish community, I can say that Pennsylvania Dutch have lived in peace and more are embracing technlogy today. Today, Amish travel by motorized vehicles and even planes. Their children attend real schools and some attend colleges. Often, children will decide to leave their communities too in order t attend college and advance their lives. Most realize that the Amish community is worse than not being in the outside world.

              About the Chinese. The oldest human bones ever found in North America are those of the Chinese. Interestingly, I watched a program the other day about how early european explorers killed off the last of the pre-population that once occupied Europe.

              About Indians being descendents of Asians – That is one theory, but Indians have bone structures tht are much different from the bone structures of the Chinese. Also, these Chinese may have come by boat.

              • illlich says:

                My only real questions (which you didn’t exactly answer) were: what is “civilizaztion” and what is “advancement?” Perhaps because they can’t be answered, but that is my point. The cowboy may feel superior with his single-action Colt revolver, but the indian’s arrow will kill you just the same, and the act of killing is not civilized no matter who does it.

                There is too much of a feeling of superiority in the west, when comparing themselves with the natives they have subjugated. Might does not make right.

                • Texas1 says:

                  I answered your question. Indians never evolved a science for sustainability because they too frequently engaged in tribal warfare. The Europeans had a science for sustainability that continues to evolve and improve.

  8. Texas1 says:

    I hink they are called muslims.

  9. tibla says:

    Nakshbandi Sufis. All honor to the great Chechen people.

  10. Markush says:

    texas, you are speaking of the indians like they where savages.

    before we came they had huge cities, temples, widespread trade, cities larger than our european cities. An estimate of 10-30 million lived in the americas before we came.

    Yes they where at war with eachother, but only just as often as anyone else around the world. The Aztech are the american equalivent of Rome and Mayans the Equalivent of ancient greece.

    Do you see the world largest temple in africa(counting out northern africa and egypt)?

    All they miss technologically is the wheel.

    • Texas1 says:

      The Aztecs were not in North America. They occupied Central and parts of South America.

      • Markush says:

        it doesnt change the fact that it is still in america, had i started talking about inca i can understand your protest cause they didnt have any influence on north america what so ever before whites came.

        There where several types of indians tribes, and when when the white man came they actually called 5 of them civilized.

        white man didnt bring civility, they brought racism, biological warfare and guns.

  11. alya says:

    its a sufi muslim practice. they are doing zikr where they chant gods name.
    i dont get why its called “rave” either.

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