21 Weird Train

Weird Train

Posted on February 15, 2007 by

russian train

What a weird train runs across Russian railroads.

This photo was made in 2003 on actual Russian railroad.

According to its tech. specifications it can go up to 30 mp/h.


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21 Responses to “Weird Train”

  1. D says:

    Looks like trash.

  2. Mikhail says:

    It doesn’t need to look beautiful – it needs to do the job.

  3. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    It`s a RazorTrain!

  4. TeratoMarty says:

    This is beautiful, in its own strange Mad Max/Steampunk sort of way. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for repairs, though.

  5. Bishop Brennan says:

    Good use for a garden shed!

  6. Texas1 says:

    You do need to mature. If you don’t like it then get lost.

  7. Texas1 says:

    Hey Killer & I am, why don’t you post some pictures? I’m sure if they are appropriate the moderator will post them.

  8. Sturmovik says:

    Parents need to keep their 5 year olds off their computers.

  9. Shep says:

    I worked on a railcar like this in Colorado. It was shoved by locomotives, plowed snow and two wings on the sides fanned out to spread the snow away from the rails, & it was thus termed a “spreader”.
    Here’s one.

  10. Shep says:

    See more if you Google “snow spreader”.

  11. Kylex says:

    +1 to what BB, Texas1, and Sturmovik said.

  12. Bishop Brennan says:

    I think the best course of action here gentlemen is ‘not to feed the trolls.’

  13. Rote says:

    Картинка не загрузилась, поэтому линк как струг выглядит в работе:

  14. kree says:

    It is a spreader-snowplow, designed to move large amounts of snow not only off the tracks, but away to the side so it does not pile up.

  15. Darwinism says:

    Awesome! Things like that should be kept safe at museums.

  16. Peacepunk says:

    That is a spreader. Either for spreading dirt and ballast along the side of the tracks, or for pushing snow out. Worked for the Alaska Railroad for a few years and rode on some. The arms on the left are usually covered with plating and can be articulated around to get the right distance and angle

  17. Texas1 says:

    Oooow, ‘Killer’, I am soooo scared. You sound really bad.

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