7 Fallen American Airplane

Fallen American Airplane

Posted on February 14, 2007 by

Yesterday in Moscow airport an American plane Challenger 850 turned up side down and felt down right after he took off. It happened just couple of minutes after he took down. It’s still unclear about the reasons of these incidents. No passengers except the pilots were on board.

These unique photos made by Mahno source ten minutes after the plane’s took-off. The departure was at 16:37 and the photos are from 16:47.

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7 responses to “Fallen American Airplane”

  1. Sputnik says:

    The Challenger 850 is made by Bombadier, a Canadian aircraft company. Strange how it is over turned with landing gear up! On board were three people: an American pilot and two Russians.


  2. MaxS says:

    Is that ice on the wings (2nd photo)? If so, how the hell the plane was allowed to take off in the first place? Surely, it could not have built up in 10 minutes.

  3. Gurtek says:

    now where does miss india go(russian hater)………………

  4. SomeOne says:

    In Mother Russia, Plane Flip You!

  5. nightkraawler says:

    wow… Lucky no passangers were on board … but did those guys die.. I hope not…
    I have never seen planes with tire chains…

  6. It looks colder than ever. I would have hated to be stuck on that plane. It looks terrible.

  7. How is the pilot doing?

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