6 Prophetic Postcards Back From 1914

Prophetic Postcards Back From 1914

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This is a series of old postcards back from 1914 describing their look in future of Moscow city.

Authors in 1914 tried to figure out how would their city look after 100-200-300 years from then.

We now can see were they successful or not.

The picture above shows how should look one of Moscow highways in 200 years after 1914. It should be totally polished with an ice so that ultramodern air-motored sleighs could glide fast and easy.

Of course 200 years have not yet passed, but in 93 years after the postcard was issued there are no sleighs, no ice, only some dull gray cars glide through asphalt road of Leningrad highway in Moscow.

Red Square in the center of Moscow city should be turned into real mess in 200 years. Different unknown yet but soon to be built flying vehicles, multi level subway systems all over the Red Square and a policeman standing in the middle with his sword ready.

It’s a pity but there are now  multi-level subway on the Red Square. All the traffic is banned in this place at all. It is too close to the essence of Russian power – stronghold of Russian democracy, the Kremlin. And yes there are some policemen. A lot of them.

Now the “Lubyan Square”, another square in Moscow downtown. Prophets from 1914 thought that hundreds of airplanes and dirigibles would cruise above the Moscow even at night. Also there are special lines of air based rail road standing high above the city with its railroad cars moving above the heads of the citizens. Down there there is also a subway (there were no subway in Moscow in 1914). And a troop dressed in colorful red uniform using horses move through the square.

There is nothing in the skies in Moscow at 2007. All the flights above the Moscow are totally banned. It is insecure to allow flights above the Moscow, what if somebody would like to crash into the Kremlin?

And they couldn’t know back in 1914 that Lubyan Square would get a sad fame for the KGB (now FSB) building standing in the middle of it. Yes, they didn’t know back then that something like KGB would soon appear.

But what is interesting that most of the building on this photos were built AFTER the postcard was drawn – in late 50s, so the author of the postcard managed to see the architectural style of this Moscow square.

“Very wide alleys would appear, people would walk and enjoy themselves”

A central railroad station in the middle of Moscow – connecting the routes from all the distant Russian regions – on-ground and above the ground ones.

These days there are a few railroad stations in Moscow, but there are no any railroads in skies.

Another Moscow square. Same ideas – railroad in the skies delivering passengers directly inside the buildings, a lot of cars and some flying apparatuses.

River of Moscow is now an international port. All the corporations have built their offices across the river.

Did they really nowadays?


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6 Responses to “Prophetic Postcards Back From 1914”

  1. Wowa says:

    Actually there are railroads in the sky – Moscow Monorail!

  2. Sturmovik says:

    I like the idea of polished ice streets. Although impractical it would look like the city has glass streets. Someone should try this on one street in Moscow. Just for visual effect.

  3. San says:

    nice post, tho i dont like the sarcasm in some of picture comments.

    • Sumar says:

      The owner of the website is very jaded and disillusioned about the history of Russia and the Soviets

      It’s all fine, I guess he never heard of that old adage “A little nostalgia in trying times holds the most worried minds at ease”

  4. Purba Negoro says:

    I love these old pictures.
    But- how clever- the skyrail monorail system even in 1914.
    And the graphic artists do correctly predict the traffic chaos of today’s world.
    A lot of excellent ideas. If public transport stopped directly under or inside a building- I am sure many people would prefer it to automobile.

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