74 Solarium Ad in Moscow

Solarium Ad in Moscow

Posted on February 7, 2007 by

This is how solarium spas for white-skinned people are being advertised on Moscow streets.

The sign on the guy’s chest/back says “I got my skin tanned in this solarium, go visit it too”.

What can you say about it?

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74 responses to “Solarium Ad in Moscow”

  1. dave says:

    whoa there chief, where’d that little tirade come from?

  2. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    That`s from teh OIFY, m shur.

  3. Texas1 says:

    So the 3rd world doesn’t care much about political correctness? Big deal. Still, it seems like many Russians on here get upset when Moscow’s growing Muslim problem is discussed.

    • NyaR says:

      russia is part of the first world. when it was communist it was part of the second world. dont use terminology you do not understand, you only look like a fool

    • Aleksandra says:

      Western businesses use similar tactics, if not worse. And calling Russia “the 3rd world” doesn’t make it any weaker, and you-smarter!

  4. Texas1 says:

    Will work for crispy chicken, watermellon and crack.

  5. D says:

    Black Russians Do Exist!

    • brob says:

      They look kinda african to me. They’re probably just in Russia for work. Although I’m quite sure Black ppl have emigrated to Russia before (making them Russians).

  6. Sturmovik says:

    That’s because in Russia everybody was a slave not just blacks.

  7. Sturmovik says:

    They look happy to be working. Africans get attacked often in Russia. There is much hate against them. More than in U.S.

    • russkiebomb says:

      At least our blacks came here by free will and can leave our country any day. And your blacks were brought by force in ships like cattles to work for fat white democrats till the end of days.

      • Sturmovik says:

        Actually it was the ancestors of today’s U.S. blacks that were brought by force. Most are happy they were born in U.S. rather than somewhere in Africa. They have same opportunity as anybody else in America. They could even be President of U.S.

  8. Peter says:

    Here in Spain I once met a black russian. He was not an inmigrant in Russia, he was born there and spoke perfect russian with moscovite accent. Curious thing.

  9. Anti says:

    Now I see that kaffir’s have invaded every where now. Shame really.

    • robert.wood says:

      Right… well, at least here in Europe, Africans come over here in the hope of finding a job, even if it’s a dirty job. Russians come over here in the hope of stealing as much as they can before getting caught.
      Care to guess who we appreciate the most?

      • mrcann says:

        africans come to europe so they can sit at home and do nothing while being sponsored by the state. (do nothing except produce children, because with each child state gives them even more money; but money arent being spend on children, instead they are let run wild on the streets and become criminals when they grow up)

      • vasily says:

        Obviously you appreciate yourself the most.

  10. russkiebomb says:

    I’ve seen that guys on the streets, usually they do look wasted.

  11. russkiebomb says:

    hey you racist, European court will punish you!!

    • russkiebomb says:

      You should have lesson on tolerance, infidel pig. You will pay for when Muslim revolution destroy your government. In European sharia court you will moan about freedom of speech nonsense.

      • Anti says:

        Muslim revolution? Yeah right mate.

      • Texas1 says:


        I really do hope that Russia gets its act together and put its foot down on your dumb muslims. A person would have to be mentally defunct to worship a child molester like Mohammed.

        • mrcann says:

          he also liked camels 🙂

        • mrcann says:

          those who lived together for hundreds of years were “domesticated” by neighbouring kazaks and thus their culture were formed to accept ways of peace. The natural state of an undomesticated muslim is a way of violence, intolerance, hate and women opression.

        • pld says:

          Yes, the chechen infidels are being taken care of … mostly by raping women and murdering children, but oh well, genocide-schmenocide. Teh evildoers must be punished.

          • Ricky says:

            Well, it most certainly wasn’t the Russian state television under the command of the Great Leader Putin…
            What do you think the Red Army did in Germany in 1945? Freed the german women?
            why would Chechnia be any different? The raping is a glorious tradition of the Russian army men…

            • Gjuga says:

              You soldiers raped Russian women from 1941 to 45, my grandfather with brothers in arm raped yours 1945-47.
              If you do not want your women to be raped, do not rape others.
              Good night, my kin by my grandfather 🙂

  12. Vasili says:

    At least he is working. In america he would just be standing in the welfare line or getting drunk or stoned on the stoop.

  13. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Blacks, get our of Russia!

  14. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Actually most of blacks in Russia are students. They will go back to their black countries when their study will be finished. Thanx God, because we don’t need blacks! We want to stay white!

    • ttlsd says:

      Yes, that’s true. The first photo was done near to my university, near to station of metro “Baumanskaja”. I see these ads evevry day when i go to university. And black (or it shuold be said – african) mens with these ads look very happy :D. But, of course, our girls rarely take an adress from them. Because it is now not often to see a person with african roots.

      But one day i have a meeting with one of them ( i mean – blacks) in underground. He was asking me to give him money, because he lost his purse. I have given him 100 rubles (i haven’t any more). So, i paid for my first speach with person, who are speaking natural english (or something like that).

  15. Texas1 says:

    Hey devil, that’s not necessarily true. In the US, a large number of immigrants go on welfare as soon as they get here. They know how to work the system too. In fact, their own governments give them tips on how to beat the system and get on welfare. The Chinese and Mexicans are big offenders.

  16. Pol says:

    P.S. Hey guys, btw, this is Black History Month in North America 🙂 I was quite surprised to see a Black person working on Nevsky in a similar fashion when I visited St. Petersburg. No need for quasi-poitical debates about all this …

  17. Bladeva says:

    Why would a Russian want to darken there skin anyway?

  18. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    The ad says “Visit our solarium and become black forever”

  19. Ivan Jackinov says:

    THAT’S RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. misny0 says:

    I’ve met a homeless someday in HUN who asked me if i’ve got some change. He also said that he doesn’t want to buy anything just alcohol:)
    so i gave him 90 Huf(~less than half dollar) to get a vodka…

  21. blacks belong in africa

  22. russkiebomb says:

    are you black?

  23. Texas1 says:

    What american’s are over reacting?

  24. Sturmovik says:

    thedevil speaks the truth. In the U.S., African immigrants work harder and longer hours than other people. They take the jobs that spoiled Americans refuse to do. They also work for pay that an American would laugh at. They are one of the main reasons the U.S economy is keeps growing. Anybody who thinks Africans are lazy is a fool.

  25. Delicious says:

    I love black russians. They’re delicious.

  26. firsak says:

    I’m from Russia and I like black people. I’ve been to the United States this summer and made friends with some black guys… I think that they are more easy to get along with. I just don’t understand why some of you hate them…

  27. A. Nevskij says:

    You know, really, that the color of one’s skin doesn’t matter … if every Russian would go to those tanning salons, they would look like this guy! Therefore, there would be no more hate 🙂 Right?

  28. Anti-Nigga says:

    Haha… Nigaz at da work! Hopefully every white country soon will send them back to their, so worshipped by them, continent among with muslims of course… Get this scum off you, folks. For the second and first amendment world-wide!

  29. malachi says:

    This is a great site about interesting cultural quirks being played out in Russia, thanks for that, interesting reading.

  30. Hail Hitler says:

    Nice spelling, grammar, and punctuation — I guess that comes with all the years you were slaves picking cotton and shining shoes for whites. But, I guess your used to hearing that, since after all, you are black, so enjoy being that way 🙂

    PS I can count the combined IQ of all of Africa on 2 hands.

  31. Prof says:

    Someone needs to be lynched…

  32. raj says:

    As an indian student who studied in Russia for 7 yrs,i can defenitely say that racism is an everyday occurance in Russia.And it is not mild racism.It is the sort of racism were you can be killed or maimed for life just because of your skin colour.I am not generalizing Russians as a whole.There are many civilized Russians who treat people of different nationalities as equal.I have been to many europian countries,but never have i experienced such racial brutality.I, as an Indian used to love Russia and ethnic russians.In international issues i feel like supporting Russia because during the 1990`s chechen islamists were brutal towards ethnic russians who during that period lived in Chechnya.Chechen islamists were unspeakably cruel towards Russian soldiers.But what is happening in Russia today cannot be tolerated in any way because without any consideration whether they are friend or foe,non whites are being attacked for just being non whites.This kind of ethnic hatred and cruelty can be seen only in uncivilized and barbarian countries.Yes, i agree that islamists played a great part in the neo nazi growth.Both islamists and neonazis must be condemed and eraced from the earth.

  33. vmrgrsergr says:

    Islamists are the blame? Raj you must be an upper-caste hindu extremist.
    Chechens are angry at russian invaders for killing their families without any mercy and raping their daughters.Problem is Indians think people love them beyond politics.Russian Federation supports india for money and sales but russian people look down at indians.

    In the case of Pakistan, Pakistanis know how to make freinds.We are treated like guests in Turkey etc.

    But yeah I think the reason russian federation became racist is because they are loosing all the lands they forcefully took and occupied.

    As for hindus, only upper caste are nationalist.Most Hindus in south asia convertted to Islam to escape caste system and widow burning.

  34. vmrgrsergr says:

    In Pakistan there are many people of African and Indian descent but we don’t really pay attention to them.

    Some africans come to smuggle drugs but they get arrested as soon as they’re caught.

    Otherwise the black population in Pakistan is so small that most Pakistanis don’t even know they exist!

  35. allah says:



  36. Hugo says:

    Oh,so the Russians want to “get a color”.

  37. Pamela Singer says:

    I think it’s inappropriate because it makes fun of the Africans’ skin color and is demeaning.

  38. rac says:

    what has said one negro “I profecsor physicist”!
    I have said ” you liar! you are a merchant cocoinum!

  39. Casey Blanche says:

    Woah, I didn’t say that!

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