45 Moscow Is Being Built

Moscow Is Being Built

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Moscow is being built at a very rapid rate these days. In Russia there is no any other big city like Moscow, there is no such a diversity of big cities like in the USA – Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, etc – only Moscow is the one place in Russia where all the main offices of all the big companies reside, where is all the politicians live and work and to where all the people from smaller towns go to climb the social stairs. As we mentioned once Russians say that 90% of money that are in circulation in Russia are in Moscow, and then they add that 90% of those 90% is in the centre of Moscow. So it’s no secret why Moscow is being developed so fast.

This Russian blogger Russos got himself on the top of the building “Federation Tower”, that should be the tallest building in Europe when finished. He shot views of Moscow in all the directions and here are those photos.


This is  the idea of the height of the tower, not from the top floor, but instead of security barriers or fences you got used to see on the usual skyscrapers top levels here is nothing like this. One can reach the window without any barrier and look down. The photographer says he couldn’t force himself to walk to the  edge, he crawled instead.


That is the store where the coating stops from where he shot the rest of the images.

The altitude was 220 metres (around 700 ft), from the total of 354 metres (1050 feet) it would reach after would be finished.


You see – no security barriers.



One of the Moscow bridges.


A radio-mast.


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45 Responses to “Moscow Is Being Built”

  1. rogatek says:

    nice shots, and nice architecture

    i’d like to take a trip around Moscow some day ;)

  2. Russ, Ian says:

    It would also be helpful to let people know that real estate prices in Moscow is on the same level as in Manhattan. At some areas even higher than that.
    You might ask how can people afford it with average salary being $1,000-1,500 a month? I have no idea.

    • Sumar says:

      Average salary in Moscow is not that, maybe elsewhere in the country

      Most people in Moscows center (where the high prices are) have lots and lots of money

      They could gold plate their entire flat if they wanted

  3. Ruslan says:

    Looks very very sad…..
    And architecture is very poor, and workers are lazy and slow….

  4. dubed says:

    In the “park of victory” pic is a that a nuke power plant in the distance?

  5. dave says:

    same goes for the ukraine, kyiv is ungodly expensive. in fact, the larger cities in central europe are also quite expensive… prague, krakow, wroclaw, warszawa, sofia, bucharest, bratislava… I was checking sqm prices, it’s generally cheaper to buy in cities of the same size in the west.

  6. Delicious says:

    I’ve never seen so much panelaky

  7. Raoul says:

    That height is just not safe. And I can’t believe there were no barries, nothing really but some wires to keep people from falling off the top floors. I hope the construction workers are at least wearing safety lines when they work on those floors.

    • Mister Twister, former minister says:

      I think Russian construction workers would laugh at the idea of safety barriers on a high rise building. It’s not a common practice anywhere in Eastern Europe as far as I know, and I have spoken to Russian construction workers who emigrated here to the USA.

      All of them laughed at how much safety equipment is used here.
      They’re happy to have it but they are quick to point out that it is something new for them.

      I spent nearly six years in the building industry doing data cabling and thus I interacted with plumbers, electricians, carpenters and drywallers on these sites. The Russians I met were in Los Angeles.

  8. mrcann says:

    “panelky” are common here and thats where most russian people live in. (anyone remembers how scum from HLMs [french abbreviation for commission housing] were rioting in France because they had to live in such types of houses? lol! they must try and live in russia for a while to know whats good for them :) but thats your typical arab mentality – when they are fed and warm they riot, keep them cold and hungry they are nice and friendly.

    also real estate prices were dead cheap not so long ago but during last 2 years prices had gone up a friggin lot! Now to rent a 1 bedder costs the same and even more then one in a nice area in Sydney, which i considered to be heavily overprised due to Olympics2000 being held there and Sydney being a major tourist attraction.

    Funny, the salaries have stayed the same at a pitiful level so i am wondering too what people are supposed to live on.

  9. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    In Russia there is no any other big city like Moscow, there is no such a diversity of big cities like in the USA – Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, etc – only Moscow is the one place in Russia where all the main offices of all the big companies reside

    It’s not true at all! Russia has many big cities – Moscow, Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-na-Donu!

    • warden987 says:

      That’s true, even more I can count more than 25 cities with very good skylines by European criteria.

      As for Finland, Helsinki is nice and clean, but boring and looks like a big village, there is no vitality, rhythm.

      Other Finnish cities are hm like big big rural settlements, just it makes you stiff with boring to stay there more than 2 days.

    • kashmir says:

      ahh.. americans, cant face that some countries can be better than america ;P

  10. Dance says:

    One big fat A-Bomb in a center of Moscow will destroy 90% of russian money rofla

  11. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    One big fat A-Bomb in a center of Moscow will destroy 90% of russian money rofla

    Moscow protected with PVO.

  12. Kylex says:

    It’s not true at all! Russia has many big cities – Moscow, Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-na-Donu!

    FAO, you are totally right: there are 14 cities in Russia, which population exceeds 1.000.000.
    But in such particular case it doesn’t make no sense at all to dispute. Moscow is the political, economical, corporative center of Russia. And it’s the only city of the whole Russia with growing population (thanks to immigration from the provinces and former Soviet republics).

    • Chinese says:

      No, the population is growing around the Asian border too, and cities like Vladivostok, because of Asian people.

    • Mister Twister, former minister says:

      I have come to the conclusion that one million is the maximum population for a city to be workable and affordable. Although it is possible for cities with larger populations to function, beyond one million the cost of living become unbearable for most middle class people.

  13. daria says:

    Cool piccies, thank you!
    Have to say, it’s kinda odd to see the cranes stretching all the way up along the side of the building. In Australia, the cranes are mounted on the top of the construction, and because they are modular, they move up with the building, and then get lowered to the ground in pieces when the roof is just about finished. It just seems like a huge waste of metal, putting together cranes higher than the “tallest building in Europe”. :)

  14. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    What`s the point of building complicated crane if you can afford simple and all-purpose crane?

  15. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    (BTW why it comes out so very.. um.. italic?)

  16. mrcann says:

    imagine how long it takes to climb up the crane’s cabin 8-)

  17. eris says:

    The cranes you see in the pictures are modular. Sections of scaffolding are added, raising the crane, and removed to lower it.

    Great pictures!

  18. . says:

    close the italic

  19. mrcann says:

    its unreachable for nuclear warhead delivered by rocket, but what if the warhead was brought on a truck and activated on the red square?

    • Miksa says:

      Nuclear warheads are delivered by ballistic missiles instead of rockets, much more reliable than trucks. They have a range of over 10 000 kms, have a maximum altitude of over 1000 kms and reentry happens at the speed of 14000 km/h. I doubt there exists yet a SAM that could intercept them, especially if they have dropped several warheads.

  20. Vernadotte says:

    You’d think the truck would get inspected at the border or something. But then again, who knows?

    Anyway too bad the wealth is being concentrated like this. One one hand it’s nice to see this kind of cosmetic progress, but the money would be better spent improving conditions for the people instead.

    • mrcann says:

      thats the reason i asked about “trucks and Red Square” – because when chechen terrorists took hostages at the Moscow theater in 2002 (when over 100 civilians died in a resque attempt), they had a free pass to the city centre for their trucks loaded with explosives and weapons :(

  21. Anna says:

    Many afro-americans or indians in USA live in worse conditions, or those people that live in trailers, for example one of those girls that was on the pictures from Abu-Greib prison. You should better think about them. Less americans care about life conditions of people from other countries — better those people live.

    • Mister Twister, former minister says:

      Anna, there are very few “pure” native Americans (Indians).
      True, most pure native Americans live on reservation property, but in recent times a great many Indian tribes have taken advantage of
      gaming agreements and have built enormous casino resorts which generate large amounts of revenue for their communities.
      Indeed the lot of the Amwerican Indian is changing these days so don’t rely too heavily on that old Soviet era propaganda.
      If anything the plight of the Australian aboriginals is far worse today than the native American.

      As far as “trailer trash”, many of them live in areas where little else besides trailers can exist. The great back door in the American South is just that, with very little social infrastructure.
      Poor communities exist in America by the tens of thousands, partly because there is no social safety net like there is in quasi-socialist states, and partly because America simply no longer has any JOBS for this class of people. The unskilled and semi-skilled labor market in the USA is now almost completely dominated by either illegal migrants or the labor itself has been outsourced to China.

      The middle class in America is also being readied for a massive clear cutting, just like an old forest. The elites here have decided that the lower middle classes simply don’t deserve to exist anymore and they’re doing whatever they can to suck the wealth from their pockets. The day of the “thirty-thousand dollar a year family of four” is OVER.

      When it is finished, America will have but TWO classes, the hyper-rich and the poor, because even the upper middle class will then be considered “poor”. When the cost of your utility bills and your transportation are twice as much as your home mortgage and your home mortgage is over half your monthly income…that’s the end, you are in permanent debt and one lost paycheck away from living in the streets.

      So you see Anna, we in America have a lot to look forward to, a sort of “reverse privatization” where the hyper-wealthy take over ownership of everything, including our very lives themselves.
      Once we are “owned” completely and utterly, America will become a
      21st century feudal corporatist-fascist police state, and regular Americans will be better off keeping their mouths shut.

      Consider this a note from an American who has his eyes open in the last months before the long period of darkness begins.

      • Crumb says:

        “If anything the plight of the Australian aboriginals is far worse today than the native American.”

        Just to let you know,
        Australian Aboriginals receive free housing, free health, free education, free public transport, automatic eligibility for university scholarships, free electricity, most receive government cars that get replaced annually, generous welfare payments and food.

        There seems to be many problems amongst remote Aboriginal communities related to alcohol and domestic violence but every effort the Government makes to lend a hand gets rejected as racist, making intervention impossible and leaving the fate of the communities up to their elders and out of the control of the Government.

        Please understand that the majority of Australians do not wish to see them live in these conditions and seek a way to help them integrate into todays society.

        But on an up note I can add that there are many highly successful Aboriginal Australians who have careers ranging from Artist to Doctors whom are leading their people by example and giving many hope and a realization of what they capable of.

        • Victor says:

          Nothing to do with having their land stolen, their culture assimilated, being forced to speak English, getting sexually abused in government institutions?… all that ‘free’ stuff doesn’t begin to make up for the cultural genocide practiced against aboriginals.

  22. huZmid says:

    Cool ! I have never seen many Moscow close-up before.

  23. Peter says:

    It’s a “Triumph palace” was built in 2005 and it’s one of tallest building in Europe – 264 meters height. See also live webcam from moscow city :)

  24. nick says:

    ahhh the Russian “whitehouse” which i guess gets its name from being the only non-soot laden building in all moscow. white in a sea of beige. ha

  25. BoneS says:

    Mosocw is being built… What about the rest of Russia?. The countryside is dead.

    • Akazikian says:

      No, he is right, like it or not. Moscow and Petersburg have little in common with the rest of Russia, in terms of development and prosperity. Sometimes I feel like Russia forgets how huge a country it is, when the Kremlin is focused only on polishing up Moscow and a few more of the larger cities. Go 200km outside any major population center, and you will find horrible poverty. Yet in Moscow, more billionaires than in any other city, I would bet.

  26. Anton says:

    I’ve never seen so much panelaky

  27. Elmer says:

    When it gets done I would like to see it.

  28. Victor says:

    The pics are a little confusing: most are from the tower as described, but the first couple are at a similar height looking _at_ the tower. How did the blogger take those?

  29. alex says:

    cool, nice photos

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