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121 Murmansk Military Objects

Murmansk Military Objects

Imagine we are foreign intelligence service agents and we spy for Russian military bases. Just a few years ago it was impossible, not to mention how it was impossible during the iron curtain era. But now thanks to google we can see all the top secret Russian objects clearly on those shots. Russia still
stays very militarized country. If to explore with Google earth just a small part of it, the Murmansk region (one of many of Russian regions) which is located next to Norway and Finland, we can meet tens of military objects, mainly Russian Navy ones. Here they are:
13 Russian Opera by Petr Mamonov

Russian Opera by Petr Mamonov

Do you like opera? Whatch some Russian opera of Petr Mamonov. The name of the play is
"Chocolate Pushkin" and was very popular in Moscow Dramatic Theater "Stanislavsky".
eiffel tower made of matches
88 Eiffel Tower Made of Matches

Eiffel Tower Made of Matches

A guy from Ukraine, Alexandr Pashkevich, has made a model of Eiffel Tower from matches. The height of the structure is 3,3 ft (1 meter) and it consits
of 15 000 different details made from 7464 matches. More than that there is a illumination in the tower, made of numerous LEDs.
16 Tiger Walking in Russian Village

Tiger Walking in Russian Village

Some think that there are bears walking around Russian cities freely. It's not true. There are no bears, there are... TIGERS! Meet this video made in a Siberian village by a surveillance cam of a Siberiat tiger walking freely across the
village at night. It's not some kind of tiger that ran off from the Zoo, it's a specie of tigers that live in Siberia, so to called "Ussuri" or Amur Tigers. They don't afraid extreme colds of Russian winter.

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