baku racing
9 Baku Racing

Baku Racing

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. Yes, it's somewhere near Kazakhstan. So
today we have a racing heroes from Baku. Here are some of them:
34 A Bottle of Vodka in 30 Seconds

A Bottle of Vodka in 30 Seconds

In this video Russian student drank a bottle of vodka in one sip, then the video shows him
after 50 minutes. It's a Russian thing to be able to drink so much at once without a stop...
24 Abandoned Pushkin Monument

Abandoned Pushkin Monument

Max967 has found this abandoned monument of the great Russian poet and writer Alexandr Pushkin. Read more...
russian car
22 Can You Handle It?

Can You Handle It?

Can your car handle so much? It's common for some Southern Russians to load their cars to such a state
maximum. Usually it happens in Southern ex-Soviet countries but sometimes you can meet it even in Moscow.
roads in ukraine
11 More Soviet Roads

More Soviet Roads

More roads of ex-Soviet Union, again from
Ukraine. This one looks really crazy.
russian iphone
9 iPhone, Russian Edition

iPhone, Russian Edition

Today all the Internet communities discuss the iPhone that was announced by Apple. Many people are really sad that they can buy it only
from June in USA and only at the end of the year in Europe. So Russian guys started getting their way of iphones already now.
soviet monuments
5 Old Soviet Monuments

Old Soviet Monuments

These are old Soviet monuments from
the collection of Mukhin Igor
23 Violence in St. Petersburg

Violence in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is being called on of the centers of the crime in Russia. Despite the beautiful architecture of St. Petersburg it can be a very
dangerous place. Warning! This video contains real time violence made on hidden camera, if you can't stand violence don't look.
st. petersburg
46 Photos from Trip to Russia

Photos from Trip to Russia

Our reader Antti from Finland has submitted some nice photos from St. Petersburg, Russia, which he made during his last trip to this Russian city. Many people in comments can't understand why some
Russian young guys are so agressive against the American readers. Here is a probably one of the reasons - the collection of the ads you can see while you walk around the city:
russian toilet
14 City Toilet

City Toilet

These are photos of the toilet in one of the Russian cities.
Here is the sign "The corrector of the stream".

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