russian car
18 Optimal Car

Optimal Car

No doors, no trunk, no extra seats -
isn't that optimal? Why carry more.
Kievskaia station
16 PDA, Cellphone and Laptop 90 Years Ago

PDA, Cellphone and Laptop 90 Years Ago

This is Moscow subway. This particular photo is the "Kievskaia" station. It has a lot
of epic mosaics about Soviet era. Please look down for one amazing picture:
6 Music Video With Signs Language

Music Video With Signs Language

That's a music video for a famous Russian song made with sign-language. Quite unusal thing, it might be
understood by a person of any nation who knows this language probably. Submitted by Acts_of_Atrocity
st. petersburg flood
19 302-nd Flood in St. Petersburg

302-nd Flood in St. Petersburg

Every year in St. Petersburg happens a flood. Sometimes it is bigger sometimes it is smaller. This year flood happened also, but the funny thing it has happened
probably the first time in the middle of the winter! Here are the photos of the flood from different sources, submitted by our readers:
russian architecture
20 Soviet Web 2.0 House

Soviet Web 2.0 House

Bright design of nowadays popular websites probably was invented by old Soviet designers. Because at that time there were no computers they used this design in buildings. For example this strange building comes from Soviet era, but it looks very stylish now. Those big icons - they could look nice at any of the modern website
probably. They look so bright because they are not painted but made of ceramic mosaics, so instead of looking pale after so many years passed they look stylish even now 30 years after. Most of those "Icons" are placed on "Windows". Is it a bright prophecy for a future domination of icons on Windows?
russian train
34 Russian Train With Wheels

Russian Train With Wheels

This is a regular Russian train. The guy tries to catch it up with his
hand. Ok, he might succeed. And these are trains on wheels:
russian sms worker
4 Fun monuments 5

Fun monuments 5

This is a monument back from Soviet era, probably from 1960s, submitted by Palych.
Some say it looks like a worker guy types a text message on his cell phone.
22 Another Russian Drank a Bottle at Once

Another Russian Drank a Bottle at Once

From the last post where student has drank a bottle of vodka at once it can be understood that some people simply can't believe that someone can get the bottle at once without a stop for a
less than 30 seconds. So here is another more skilled guy from post Soviet country who drinks a bottle at once without any problem. It's real for Russian people to do this.
13 Lada vs Ferrari vs Porsche

Lada vs Ferrari vs Porsche

Have you seen the previous post about the Baku racing? They in Baku mostly use Lada's, the Russian Cars. Here
are the videos where the pimped up Ladas rock. The first video clip above was Lada vs Porsche.
russian caviar wending machine
11 Russian Caviar Vending Machine

Russian Caviar Vending Machine

In modern Russia there are caviar vending machines. Really. That's something that
really is only Russian. Where else in the world can you see caviar vending machines?

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