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Mendeleev’s House

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mendeleev's house

Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist. He is credited as being the primary creator of the first version of the periodic table of elements. Unlike other contributors to the table, Mendeleev predicted the properties of elements yet to be discovered.

mendeleev's house

There is a legend about how he has discovered this table. According to this legend he was trying to figure out the table for many weeks but couldn’t get all the elements in one table. So he was very tired and exhausted so got a little nap, and during this nap he have got the dream. In this dream he has clearly seen the periodic table of elements in three dimensions. Everything was structured and brilliantly looking. Not only the known and already discovered elements, which have already got their names, were on this table, but the previously unknown elements which didn’t have the names and were not discovered for that time, they were discovered only years later. All he had to do is to wake up and write everything down. So he woke up and the table was ready.

Here is a photosession of the house where he had got this prophetic vision. After the Communist’s takeover in Russia all the private property was confiscated by the state, but state has no funds to support this property. So even these days many of houses of well known pre-Communist Era people stay abandoned and almost destroyed.

And by the way, in Russia people believe that Mendeleev was inventor of vodka.

mendeleev's house

mendeleev's house

mendeleev's house

mendeleev's house

mendeleev's house

mendeleev's house

mendeleev's house

mendeleev's house


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31 Responses to “Mendeleev’s House”

  1. rogatek says:

    beautiful place for photo session :)

  2. dave says:

    a fixer-upper

  3. Texas1 says:

    It must have been spectacular back in the day. It is sad that someone won’t fix it up. пышно!

  4. Peter says:

    Cool house, but it’s very sad that now remains in ruins.

    And russians don’t think Mendeleev was the creator of vodka, because the origin of this drink is uncertain. Mendeleev was the one who said that 40% Vodka is the best.

  5. one_more says:

    damn, I am sure they could have made something good out of it, if it were not in Russia.

  6. Andres says:

    It’s good in this form, if we do somethin with it it would be bad!:)

  7. DexTrOz says:

    this is very sad considering his contribution to modern chemistry was akin to a primer.

  8. Hollandski Hollandski says:

    Am I the only one noticing that there are actually 3 different houses depicted here? The building on the fifth picture is obviously different from the first house… And both of them are clearly different from the house at the lake…

    Great pictures nevertheless. I wonder what it would cost to buy such a house.

  9. ViolenceDispenser says:


    Hmm… I’m not sure this is “the house where he had his prophetic vision” – I think this is the house where he grew up. My reasoning is such:

    His family was very wealthy, they owned a factory and Dimitri was the 13th of 17 children (seventeen!)

    But they became impoverished when Dimitri was 13 years old. He then grew up and had 6 of his own children from two marriages. His wealth never quite matched that of his parents in the good times.

    I think the Mendeleev clan needed such a massive house for the 17 children… and they would’ve had the wealth to own such a home.

    Very cool house. I want to see it restored :)


    • timthebanana says:

      Yea…. didn’t Mendeleev’s family have a house just off of the factory. I know that it burned down, so I wouldn’t think that the house would still be standing. But what do I know

    • Dodie says:

      This was not his childhood home. He grew up in Siberia. His family was not wealthy, and his father died when he was a child. His mother raised the children who were still at home through her glass factory and later died of tuberculosis.

  10. sbull.net says:

    Beautiful house, such a shame that the owner has let it enter into such a state of disrepair.

  11. Ruslan says:

    Nobody thinks that Mendeleev is invented Vodka..

  12. Pieter Thyssen says:

    I don’t think it is the house were Mendeleev grew up as a kid, because that was in Tobolsk, not in Boblovo. Oh, and Mendeleev was 17th of 17 children (not 13th).


    I find it hard to believe this are really pictures of his house. How do you know that, who says this ?

  13. DBHS Toly says:

    It’s a shame that his house has fallen into such a state of disrepair. His work was an amazing contribution to the scientific advancements we have achieved today. In discovering the ways to organize the periodic table, he brought on new ideas, and brought forth discoveries that wouldn’t be found for many years otherwise. Much of our chemistries foundation is based on the periodic table, the logic behind it, the history, and organization of it. In saving and restoring Mendeleev’s home, we are attempting to save his history, a history that belongs to the Russian’s culture and historical society.

  14. Pavel says:

    Mendeleev was believing that the best vodka should contain 2 moles of water per one mole of ethanol. In volume percents it is about 38.5%. But for the government this value was inconvenient, in terms of taxation. Also, taxes were the higher the higher was per cent of alcohol in beverage. Hence, the percent was rounded to 40%

  15. Olga says:

    When I looked at those pictures I felt so much pain of loss. Mendeleev’s discovery was ranked in a top ten list of greatest discoveries of all times. It is a shame that the Russian Government, historic, and scientific societies do not restore and preserve this historic building, & create a museum for generations to come and learn. Shame, shame, shame. It is loss for science, Russian dignity. Mu husband and I will contact Chemical Heritage society in Philadelphia, PA about this.

    – Born in Siberia, American citizen.

    • Jorik says:

      There is not a country Siberia, it is just a region in Russia and you can’t be born in siberia, it is like to be born in bermude triangle, if you don’t know please don’t talk, please

  16. Jorik says:

    Are you crazy? I live in Russia and I never heard that Mendeleev discovered vodka, second: Whose that house? Mendeleev is a very important person in our history, all that pictures are fake, the guvern knows what to do with the best minds of all times and their houses, be sure a such a house in a big city will in the end be selled but never stay like here.
    Please, if you want to post something that surely will remember all the unexisting Soviet union, post pictures of Happy three friends, I will laugh a little bit because now I’m just saying …k ..ou .
    Thank you

  17. Larrina says:

    what a Big House. haha

  18. Lude Nunes says:

    Nice place. If had the money I’d buy it, restore it and live there. Looks an inspirational place…

  19. Cigarettes says:

    Very dramatic situation when such important building must be museum but not abandoned.

  20. James says:

    It is a very beautiful ruin.

  21. j s says:

    No, D.I. Mendeleev didn’t discover vodka, but he did standardize it. He worked out the standard of vodka to be 34 percent ethanol by volume against water.

    • Frank says:

      34% that is not a vodka that is a liquor. My urine contains more alcohol than that on a good day. From a Vodka I expect 49 to 55 %

  22. jeff says:

    What a beautiful place in natural decline. If only its stories could be told; imagine children running and laughing through the rooms.

    Here in the USA, this lovely place would be demolished for the money in development. It would be knocked down and pushed into the pond to build a McDonalds parking lot, an automated warehouse, or a by-pass highway around a town.

    Russian students in architecture, engineering and art should be brought to the house to study and somehow be influenced by its design and beauty.

    Do it soon, there is money in development everywhere.

  23. Moo Ming says:

    Isn’t it strange that so many of scientific discoveries are attributed to inspiration from Dreams. It is very sad to see that his house is in such shambles though!

  24. Peter Box says:

    Russia has given us so many scientists and engineers. I remember my Landua’s physics course books from college days or I.A. Maron’s calculus book fondly. The only recent news I have heard was about this math guy who rejected fields medal. I hope more good science comes out of russia.

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