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SOS Booth

Posted on January 29, 2007 by

sos booth

If you fill like in need of some urgent help while on travel to Russia, visiting Moscow, then you can try to use this Orange SOS Booth.

It has a user-friendly interface with only one button “CALL” , so the language barrier won’t be a barrier at all.

All other parts of those SOS booths are made of hard metal so it’s intended for a long living in somehow unfriendly environment it is placed to stand.


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11 Responses to “SOS Booth”

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  2. Dave says:

    Wouldn’t it help if the large letters on the side were in Russian?

    • Alex says:

      The latin SOS is known around the world, even reussians know what is meens. It was intended to be so, so foreign sailors could understand eachother over the radio out at sea when they needed help.

  3. Hannes says:

    So what in fact happens if you press this button? Russian police comes to rob you?

  4. Sauri says:

    you will be teleported to the safe place.
    and only after that be robbed :).

  5. Oles says:

    We got these things on every subwaystation in our town. Funny thing is that SOS is also streetlanguage for cocaine!

  6. Russ, Ian says:

    SOS is an universal emergency symbol that is known worldwide. No reason to have in Russian.
    More than half of the Americans don’t even know what it means, and it’s abbreviated in English.

  7. Oles says:

    Shave Our Sheep!

  8. robotnik says:

    Does Doctor Who come jumping out of this? :-)

  9. That boxes are a chilean idea from the former Chilean capital mayor, Joaquin Lavin.
    Now i see the “Juaco” has a terrible sucess in Russia-

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