22 Russian Contemporary Design

Russian Contemporary Design

Posted on January 26, 2007 by

russian design

In this post we’ll have a little insight into the world of contemporary Russian design, the advanced part of it.

into the world of contemporary Russian design, the advanced part of it.

It is no secret that in every country there are some pretty gifted designers that in our time of globalization can sell their creations to Western countries.

Here are some most successful works of Russian designers in 2006.
The car on the photo above and below is a prototype of Russian car “Russo-Balt”.
russian designrussian design

This one is an additional LCD keyboard – each key has a small LCD customizable display with static or animated pictures. It has got pretty wide coverage in worldwide media.

Design: Artem Lebedev Studio
russian design

Another product by Artem Lebedev Studio, computer styled thumbtacks to use in real world, not only on your display.
russian design

russian design

Bookshelves resembling hieroglyphs for people who like something not usual.

Designer: Kibardin Design
russian design

The Greenboy – a hard-fabric keychain that splits your office keys from home keys, is said to be very handy and nice to touch and use  – saves your life when finding the right key.

Design: Vadim Kibardin
russian design

A rubber-eraser in the form of  white “Delete” key. You can now delete the written letters too.
Designer: Daniil Rassadin

russian design

A chocolate bar in a form of PC keyboard. If to be produced in a full scale size can weight two pounds. The designer advises not to eat at the same time CTRL ALT and DELETE chocolate keys.
Designer: Michael Sholk

russian design

An USB memory flash which is thin when empty and more fat when is full. Simple and nice.

Design: Dmitry Kommissarov


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22 Responses to “Russian Contemporary Design”

  1. chaosgone says:

    Those are some cool designs! Are any of those items for sale yet? I’d like to get the Delete key eraser, or the chocolate keyboard. :)

  2. illlich says:

    why no Orthodox cross mp3 player?

  3. Jonny says:

    The glasses are great!!

  4. dave says:

    I’m almost 100% sure that I’ve seen that bookshelf in Prague a good two years ago, or at least something with the same overall feel… That car would make a badass roadster if they just lost the top.

  5. Finnish Alcoholic Online says:

    It is the first good post from English Russia.

  6. Parry says:

    glasses are really interesting. the car reminds me of the one in IRobot.

  7. Texas1 says:

    Are you sure it is an LCD keyboard. I think you mean LCD key chain. Is it used to hold keys for a house or to drive a vehicle?

  8. Texas1 says:

    I want some of those wings for my office chair.

  9. Shizo says:

    The watch is the best. I would give it an award myself if i had one lying around :)

  10. Larry says:

    The mini keyboard is in fact no LCD keyboard but an OLED keyboard. While this keyboard actually is sold, a much cooler version is currently only in prototype state. Check Optimus keyboard. The design studio is Art.Lebedev.

  11. Larry says:

    The small keyboard is actually an OLED (not an LCD) keyboard. It is made and sold by Art.Lebedev studios. They have a much cooler complete keyboard in the making: Optimus

  12. smokeydog says:

    You need more positive features like this one.

  13. Yuri says:

    Wow, I’d surely buy the erasers and the clock and the keyring and that usb-thingy….

  14. Finnish Alcoholic Online says:

    Publication was stolen by EnglishRussia.com from there:


  15. Rence says:

    The glasses are pretty much a copy of a design of a friend of mine, something he made a few years ago actually:

  16. Texas1 says:

    How does that USB balloon stick work?

  17. gurtek singh says:

    who ever said, Russia is lacking behind any country got his answer.
    greetings from India
    (grammatical error may be)

  18. NeOne says:

    Great!Keep articles like these coming and coming…

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