13 Fur Bike

Fur Bike

Posted on January 24, 2007 by

fur bike

If you are a biker but with a small budget you can do like this Russian biker.

You can bye a cheap old bike and fur of the same cheap old state and put it all together.

fur bikefur bike

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13 Responses to “Fur Bike”

  1. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Fluffy bike. Very cute.

  2. rufus says:

    Is it for masking?

  3. Either this bike was Kyiv or there are two. I have a photo somewhere….

  4. Ondra says:

    Jawa 350 .. :) I have one too .. but not so furry .. :)))

  5. Yuri says:

    It drinks, it smokes and it wags it’s tail :)

  6. vasilisk says:

    We Russians love furry bikes. They are so much like bears. And you can ride them, too!

  7. kink digger says:

    Forget the fur, we want to see more pix of the HOT BIKER!

  8. haifeng says:

    I can offer large volume of mink fur plates from china at a competative price ,if you are interested ,please contact me by email yihaiyuan@126.com.

  9. Zlo says:

    Heavy camouflaged imported Jawa 350

  10. I highly recommend you write far more! This specific posting was so in-depth and highly accurate. I really appreciated looking through your site. Thanks!

  11. Red Scare says:

    Its in Kiev, Obolon, this guy hangs out on the “naberzhnaya”, the banks of the Dniper River were the cafe’s and restaurants are

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