21 Russian Car for Travel on Swamps

Russian Car for Travel on Swamps

Posted on January 23, 2007 by

A new Russian car to travel in the places where the roads are regular or not present at all.

It can swim, go on trees and lot more. And costs not much.

And on the video below there is a newer modification of this car. It can also now climb on the vertical walls.


21 Responses to “Russian Car for Travel on Swamps”

  1. Mustapha says:

    as i said before, for russian it’s easier to make a landrover than to repair and clean roads ) that’s true.

  2. Yurka says:

    Cool stuff. It can definitely climb on top of obstacles, but I wouldn’t say it’s the spiderman you imply it to be ;).

    Still a very cool project!

  3. Delicious says:

    It doesn’t have any suspension flex which would make it proan to rollover in uneven terrain. I think he should add a roll cage for safety’s sake.

  4. Bert says:

    Cheburator is a play on Cheburashka right?

  5. ETTF.NET says:

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  6. dave says:

    think dunebuggy with huge tires. and go install flash player…or alternatively, get back to work

  7. NyaR says:

    Bert: yes, but its a more grown up version that rapes people in the ass

  8. rufus says:

    Bet a it’s a lot of fun to ride, at least it had a GPS installed.

  9. Thanks for promo, guys!
    This car is called “Cheburator” and designed by famous 4×4 driver and innovator Mr. Garagashyan.

    Welcome to our website go4x4.ru for more details!

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    St.Petersburg, Russia

  10. sbull.net says:

    Cynical, he didn’t make the standard swamp racer. All he did was put an engine in a chassis and give it huge inflateable tyres with prominent tread on them such that when he is floating in water the tread acts like a steam paddler. The inflatted tyres also provide the buoyancy to keep the vehicle from sinking.

  11. R H says:

    Anyone know what the background music is in the first video (artist, song title)?

  12. Sturmovik says:

    Very cool. I want one. How much does it cost? I agree with RH on the music in first video. Would like to know who it is.

  13. Henry says:

    I like the folk music on the first video, unusual choice for a 4×4 video- quirky!

  14. miriya says:

    I like first music too!
    can I get it some where?

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  17. David Webb says:

    Three cheers for good tires and GPS.

  18. Deep Freeze Video` says:

    Needs stronger wheels. Those tiny little steel bars connecting the rims and axles will snap.

    Also needs shocks and springs despite the low inflation tires.

    But it is still a very brilliantly designed vehicle anyway.

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