10 Frozen Waterfall

Frozen Waterfall

Posted on January 23, 2007 by

waterfall in estonia

These are photos of a waterfall partially covered with ice in Estonia.

waterfall in estoniawaterfall in estoniawaterfall in estoniaphotos submitted by Uljana

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10 Responses to “Frozen Waterfall”

  1. Texas1 says:


  2. MRP says:

    Cool photos made in Virumaa. This waterfall actually falls into the sea. Keep doing great job!

    As long as you don’t forget – Baltic states have nothing to do with the Russia. Thank you USA, United Kingdom and other developed countries for keeping up our Estonian Embassies and remnants of exiled Government officials for 51 years of occupation! God bless America.

  3. конюхъ says:

    Kaiser: it’s yellow because of the ground (известняк) =)

  4. Delicious says:


  5. jozhix says:

    Tags: estonia & russian nature… wtf??? Hot Esti guys will like this! :)
    Did that borat video from Kazakstan had tags “russian culture”? :)

    I agree with others – this site is not English Russia anymore. I want to see pics from Russia, not just some funny pics from “that region”. Or define Russia borders (don’t event think about Abrene (Pitalovo)).. :d Or rename site to English CCCP.

  6. DECA 4211 says:

    mmmmm watter loks yelow…… rare.

  7. Finnish Alcoholic Online says:


  8. Sturmovik says:

    That’s some nasty looking water.

  9. Harli says:

    This is the highest waterfall of Estonia – Valaste (26 m.). About 180 km from St. Peterburg.

  10. Hm says:

    What has it to do with English-Russia?

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