23 Some Daily Photos

Some Daily Photos

Posted on January 22, 2007 by

russian car

Sometime before we had assorted daily posts consisting of not connected to each other pics. This post is something like another way to start this “daily” posts which probably would be not so daily but still regular.

Today just a few pics devoted to the cars in Russia and ex-USSR countries.

On the picture above you can see how some Russian people store their cars on the balconies.
russian car

And how it is easy to transport one car inside of another if there is enough of man power.
russian car

And some use it to carry horses. This one is from Georgia.

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23 Responses to “Some Daily Photos”

  1. Robert says:

    That last picture is set up too well to not be comedy. It’s just so crisp, no noise, no blur (so the car may not even be moving). Sure, this may have been achieved with fantastic lighting, but still…

    That top picture is nice, I wonder what car that is.

    If you take requests, I wanna see Moscow Metro again, I demand a new photo-series from the Underground!


  2. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    It`s just hilarious enough, to be true.

  3. TeratoMarty says:

    How did they get the car on the balcony? It seems like something they’d do with a crane, just before it fell over.

  4. Lisa says:

    OMG! I’ve seen people take 5 people, a dog, some furniture and 6 chickens in one of those little cars before, but never a horse! :-D So funny!

    I’m really curious as to how they got that car on the balcony too!

  5. Texas1 says:

    How does a person manage to get his car on what appears to be a 3rd floor balcony? What does he have to do when he has to go to work or to the grocery store?

  6. Texas1 says:

    Looking at the photos it looks like those flats have a through the wall heat pump or air conditioner. They are no where near the size needed to keep those flats comfortable. They have got to be loud too.

  7. Texas1 says:

    I see a lot of opportunity in the photo of the flats. I bet I could increase the comfort level in entire building while reducing the energy consumption by 50% with about $200. That would yield a payback in 6-12 months!

  8. Sturmovik says:

    Why is the license plate upside down on the car with the horse?

  9. Shep says:

    This guy should start a driving school. He could put a car on top of the Eiffel Tower.

  10. maxD says:

    What a peacefull little pony that is. It’s probably used to being transported like this.

    And I think the picture is genuine : the shadows of the rail on the right and the car, the horse in the car, the bright sunlight, it all matches. I’m a Photoshop teacher myself, so I can claim some insight in these matters.. ;)

  11. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Reading comments here gives me a constant condition of “What.”


  12. bintar says:

    the last one is from Slovakia – SK.
    Anyway, beautiful photos

  13. rufus says:

    Actually a “Gazel” has been a powerful car.

  14. Texas1 says:

    Someone find out that guys phone number with the car on his balconi. I’ll call and find out he got it up there and report back.

  15. ---- says:

    You have just been introduced to Soviet era architecture\design. Note that most of these buildings were built very quickly with the minimum of materials necessary since there was a deficit of products in the 1980’s (except in Moscow and St.Petersburg-to impress the tourists).

  16. Shizo says:

    Many people also store their scooters and motorcycles inside their apartments. Because storing them outside is practically like giving them away for free. So people put them inside the elevators vertically to get them upstairs. Or they use special freight elevators (in some buildings).

    On a low budget and with high crime rates in the country you’ll get creative one way or another.

  17. katy says:

    i have seen this car on balcony. my sister live in the same house.

  18. boooyak says:

    Last photo is from Slovakia, not from Georgia

  19. sobot2 says:


    Not sure about the model.

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