25 Russian Cranes Fall Down

Russian Cranes Fall Down

Posted on January 21, 2007 by

fallen crane

No, there were no hurricane in Russia these days as it was throughout all the Europe.

Just for some unknown reason three cranes at once in different Russian cities, St. Petersburg, Novgorod and Surgut decided to fall down.

Maybe they were tired to wait for the hurricane and decided to act by themselves, or maybe it’s just a sign to construct companies to check the equipment regularly.

Who knows.

fallen cranefallen cranefallen cranefallen crane

fallen cranefallen cranefallen crane

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25 responses to “Russian Cranes Fall Down”

  1. Texas1 says:

    My Russian friends use to tell me that Russian building and construction projects were notoriously unstable. Since cheating in Russian universities is so widespread, architectural students often graduate without knowing much. The next thing you know, these students graduate and are assigned a project to design a building. The building gets constructed, only to fall down a short time later.

  2. Nopasaran says:

    Your Russian “friends”? Sounds funny) Those whom you give your head to?

  3. Texas1 says:

    The pictures speak for themselves.

  4. noworld says:

    It’s funny how the crane broke the back of that Kia, but the frame (if not the roof) of that merc seems to have held up 🙂

  5. JustMe says:

    Don`t you know that New Orleans was attacked by terrorist Katrina? lol

  6. dave says:

    But he does make a good point regarding cheating. That is something that can’t be denied. But rarely do students graduate and go straight into work, they usually do an internship where they have to learn on the job and prove themselves prior to being trusted with big jobs…

  7. TTLSD says:

    Lol, Texas1, where your “friends” are learning? I have friends, which are studying to be architectors, and i can say, that they will be real specialists, i haven’t seen buildings in Russia, which can fall down or are falling down.

    So, one part of my future specialization is “engineer”, may be I or my friends can have an internet game with your friends? A name of game will be – Strength of materials, and it will show who is the best)))). lol

  8. andrevv says:

    If the dam has been designed right, the Katerina’s attack did not cause the flooding. So don’t lol, just “think different” =)

  9. JustMe says:

    You missed the point. I totally agree that enhancing the dams could prevent flooding.

  10. andrevv says:

    sorry =)

  11. Texas1 says:

    I’m just repeating what other Russians say about the quality of graduates from Russian universities. Basically, they say you have to leave Russia to get an education that will be respected in Russia. They say that there is too much cheating and the quality of the college graduates in Russia isn’t very good.

  12. TTLSD says:

    May be it is true about colleges (in our country this word often means an institue with low edcation level) but not about universities. But it may be of course my opinion, but all of universities i’ve seen and i can enter, where our future engineers are learning, there is very high level of education.

    Texas1 – have you ever head about any russian university? Any?

  13. Texas1 says:


    I’m not trying to flame you, just Nopasaran. Yes, of course I have heard of Russian Universities. I know that they are very, very difficult to get into.

  14. Bishop Brennan says:

    That Mercedes W123 didn’t deserve a death like that.

  15. TTLSD says:

    Gone away crying.

    Крутой ты перец, я ж сказал что по-английски ни бум-бум, даже в школе не учил, а ты наезжаешь ;(.

  16. TTLSD says:

    Лучше скажи, сколько тебе заплатили?

  17. Yurka says:

    “My Russian friends use to tell me that Russian building and construction projects were notoriously unstable. Since cheating in Russian universities is so widespread, architectural students often graduate without knowing much. The next thing you know, these students graduate and are assigned a project to design a building. The building gets constructed, only to fall down a short time later.”

    Don’t knock what you don’t know for a fact. Russian education is at a VERY high level, considerably higher than the education provided in North America. The reason accidents (in buildings) happen is not due to lack of knowledge, it’s due to lack of funding. As buildings are constructed, the workers get paid very little (if at all), bribery occurs left and right, and materials simply disappear. When this happens, they get replaced – just not always by the right thing. When a third of the cement goes missing, the other two thirds get diluted enough to cover the loss – this is the real problem, not lack of education.

  18. Texas1 says:

    Yurka, give it a rest. It is a well known fact that the United States and England have the best universities in the world. Furthermore, if your education is so great then why is the average Russian IQ so far below the average IQ of United States citizens?

    I think you need wake up and stop dreaming. At the very least, quit wishing on falling stars, hammers and sickles. Your effort is obviously not getting you anywhere.

  19. Texas1 says:


    In my experience, this is what I have seen. For the most part, employers do not value a degree from a 3rd world country. I think some companies tested the waters, especially with universities in India and got burned. It seems like it takes 5-10 Indians to complete a software project that 1 American can do in the same amount of time and with fewer bugs.

    Having said that, I know of some Russian girls who are programmers at JP Morgan. They were recruited from Russia but had a proven track record in the banking industry. They completed their masters degrees here in the US.

  20. Texas1 says:

    Actually, I know quite a few Russians that were recruited from Russia to work in the banking industry. So maybe in certain industries, when there is a large demand for workers with a specific skill set you might get lucky and land a job outside of Russia.

  21. Yor the Time Hunter says:

    I see gummi bears in the dark

  22. ttlsd says:

    Ну знаешь, и что же это получается? Люди которые знают английский в России – не увлекаются тем, что торчат на форумах. А я все пытался изъяснить предельно ясно. Если хочешь, можем продолжить на русском ;). Но ты ведь не хочешь? :). Да, я учил английский мало, да, всего лишь третий год. И что? Такой вот способ отметать чужое мнение – это и есть демократия? Естественно, не рассходуя сил писать на английском, живя в Америке, но вот постараться кого-то убедить в чем-то, общаясь на чужом языке, да еще и в разговоре на скользкую тему… Чтож, все ясно с Вами ( я и ранее хотел употребить только “Вы”, но как-то подзабыл), дорогой профессор. Вы действительно никогда и ничего бы не добились здесь, где нудно чего-то добиваться.

    А ответ на вопрос – потому что у Аляски неразрывные связи с богатыми штатами, а у Чукотки – с территорией, где климат не столь благоприятен как на большей территории США. Вот если оставить Россию без Чукотки, а США без Аляски – вот тут видна разница в климате?

  23. ttlsd says:

    Опечаточка – “нужно добиваться”, дорогой профессор, простите. И, кстати, все-таки наличие мата в речи не украшает ученого мужа.

  24. Neal Ishman says:

    The reason for this is that human beings are sensory creatures. A simple depiction of a tangible book makes an ebook more appealing. So, next time you’re selling something, remember the importance of tangible product designs.

  25. Bunns says:

    Wow, I’m so embarrassed for my fellow countrymen that go on foreign forums meant to welcome tourists and insult all over the people there. It is SHAMEFUL and displays AMERICA in a bad light. People need to learn some respect. AND BTW…I’m an engineering student in an american grad school, and there ARE tons of really smart russian students in engineering and physics, AND if you look at most mathematics faculties in American universities you will see that half of the department has russian names. I APOLOGIZE to russians here for various REDNECKS that go here to be aggressive. They really don’t represent the majority of americans…at least educated ones.

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