27 New Year in Russian Army

New Year in Russian Army

Posted on January 17, 2007 by

Most of young men in Russia hate even the idea that someday they would need to go to the Russian Army.

And it’s not because they don’t want to obey the commanders and loose two years of their young life.

It’s because there is a dreadful hierarchy system between new soldiers and old soldiers that exist in all the Russian Army units since early Soviet Era.

All the young soldiers that begin to serve are severely beaten daily by the guys who served more than a year already. They do it simply because all of them were beaten in the same manner when they started their journey to the Russian Army. Nobody wants to change this – he knows that he need to suffer first year but then when his torturers would retire he would turn the new generation of the soldiers to his personal slaves.

New soldiers have to do all the dirty job that is not connected with army service itself. They need to clean up the personal things of their older masters, to run as fast as they can to the shop if somebody from the privileged class wants something, but that are not the awfull things. Real horror starts when every night the older soldiers drink a lot and then torture on the younger ones – in different manners including sexual violence.

Every year in Russian Army thousands of young soldiers die because of this and nobody cares. People who were in army say it was worse than to go to the prison. And you can’t go – it would be a crime. The Russian Army service is obligatory for everyone.

Here are the photos of the older soldiers celebrating this New Year in Soviet, sorry Russian Army:

russian army

russian armyrussian armyrussian armyrussian army

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27 Responses to “New Year in Russian Army”

  1. dave says:

    can you provide a reference for “thousands of young soldiers”? seems way out in left field, even with all the official and unofficial stats…

  2. Dharma says:

    Is this the army or a gay Christmas party?

    That first picture looks like funboys having a good time!

  3. matka lososi says:

    the dude on the left in the second picture looks ffff’d up and the dude in the second one looks like hilary swank in boys don’t cry

  4. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Russian Army is a fetish for haters.

  5. Realni Chuvak Belgiiski says:

    I think you should read this to have a better understanding of this subject:



  6. gast! says:

    Where’s the semi-naked girl that was on this damn same series on ziza.ru?

    I say censorship! ;)

  7. Mustapha says:

    semi-naked girl is a photographer

  8. Texas1 says:

    I want to see some naked girls too.

  9. Mucosolvan says:

    all bunch of wankers

  10. carlos says:

    I love russian soldiers…I would like suck every cock of all of them….mmmmhhh if any come to madrid please write to carloscamigar@hotmail.com

  11. BIn Laden says:

    So pathetic!!

  12. bambr says:

    If these guys learn that you named their gays, they will lift revolt and will attack you, will destroy your houses, will rape your wives and will destroy you.

  13. milky candy says:

    I don’t believe abt those “thousand soldiers” dying.

  14. Chupachupser says:

    Wow. Again, very exagerrated info. Yeah it’s tough, but rarely to the extent described by whoever posted this.

  15. Canadianguy says:

    Looks like marijuana on the table in the last photo

  16. solder says:

    At 1988-1990 i was on military service in the Soviet Army near Moscow, Odincovo (“Army” was so called “stroybat”). During 2 years there were 1 soldier beaten to the death, 1 was killed in accedent in a factory, 1 sunk in a lake (he was on “samovolka” with another 2 soldiers. They didn’t even try to rescue him).
    I don’t count those soldiers who were beaten and lost their health for the rest of their life.

  17. Semaj says:

    I was in the United States army for 6 years. It was a good experience for me, my pictures from that time look like these. We were young and often drunk. The beginnings of many bad habits.

  18. Cigarettes says:

    All faces are similar.

  19. a concerned black woman says:

    i am black and i think russia is a great place i just wish they wuld accept black people more no matter the color of our skin we are still people nonetheless

  20. high eq says:

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  21. If I was their presidet from Russia I would not someone to hit those innocent soldiers if they hit them that means they have a problem with me I would take those soldiers just like a family.

  22. If I was the Russian president I would let someone to hit my soldiers because I would get angry. I would let my soldiers to have plenty of sleep and healthy food to eat. The bad news I have no idea what do presidents from Russia do. I going to learn what do president do so maybe someday I could help my soldiers too. I’m going to help I not planning for wars in the future. I don’t want my soldiers to go to the war and kill innocent people from other countries. My country The United United States of America. Hopefully someday I could help other countries and make friends instead of enemy.

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