16 Hummer On Gas Station

Hummer On Gas Station

Posted on January 17, 2007 by

hummer tuned

Guys from Estonia made a tuning to Hummer.

Now that’s a special Hummber.

What’s so special with it? See the next photo:

hummer tuned

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16 Responses to “Hummer On Gas Station”

  1. TTLSD says:


    Yes, it does.

  2. Bishop Brennan says:

    Agreed, the mod is running out of good content to post up. Now he is reduced to toy Hummers and ‘snowcars’.

    Quit while you’re ahead mate.

  3. Delicious says:

    Oh my god. Estonians are giants!

  4. Robert says:

    Delicious… nice.

  5. chaosgone says:

    That’s a good one.

  6. Erkan says:

    Wow nice hummer!

  7. Malashnikow says:


  8. конюхъ says:

    Malashnikow: try to relax =) And read this “English Russia just because something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the Earth surface” As you understand, not Russia, but Soviet Union’s size was 1/6 of the Earth surface. Estonia was a part of Soviet Union. As i wrote, nowadays in Estonia 1/3 of citizents are russians. Why then this site should not place materials about Estonia?
    + I live in Estonia and i feel myself closely linked to Russia (and not only me =) )

  9. sg says:

    I believe there are no Teboil-stations in Estonia, as they are called Lukoil-stations. That would lead me to believe this picture was taken in Finland

  10. Harli says:

    There are no Teboil stations in Estonia.

  11. DD says:

    Ya thats the closest thing to a real american hummer 99.99% of the russian population can afford.

  12. Texas pig shagger says:

    and 99.99% of american people
    can’t afford a real hummer,
    so what?

  13. estonian_satanist says:

    Where is the TEBOIL in Estonia I would like to know!?

  14. yoy says:

    That photo is from FINLAND! Teboil is a finnish company, and the carplates are also.

  15. mestre says:

    carros lokos memo
    brasil-são paulo-juquitiba


  16. mestre says:

    bosta de carro so serve pra fazer inveja

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