12 Doing Fast Across The Moscow

Doing Fast Across The Moscow

Posted on January 17, 2007 by

The guy drives 140 mph (260 km/h) across the night Moscow city.

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12 Responses to “Doing Fast Across The Moscow”

  1. Dharma says:

    I’m curious – what does the slow moving car video have to do with the phony speedometer-going-so-high shots?

  2. mrcann says:

    you can clearly see his face. wonder if the authorities will catch him through this video? i hope they will before he kills someone…

  3. Boba Fett says:

    It appears the video is sped up somewhat.

  4. San says:

    Looks like i know this guy ;) Cheers Megion !

  5. mac605 says:

    Nice, very nice…

    But I still think that’s 1978’s Claude Lelouch’s “Rendezvous” is better. “Ferrari in Paris” sounds and looks a bit better for me than “Mitsubishi in Moscow” ;)


    PS. Count “Rendezvous” red lights ;)

  6. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    I would like to see a WHAM.

  7. Matt says:

    After the excellents ‘Getaway in stockholm’ and a ‘Getaway in Athen’ with an M3, here is the russian way !!

    Nice !

  8. NoName says:

    I think his check engine light is on. He should check his engine under the hood as well as inside his head. LOL.

  9. ShoneLight says:

    Chuchelo za rulem……bustro edish…medlenno ponesut i dai bog tolko tebya loshok.

  10. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Losha, you are a LOH (ЛОХ)!

  11. brissen says:

    blockquote cite=”you can clearly see his face. wonder if the authorities will catch him through this video?”>
    In Russia videos and audio recordings may not be listed as valid proof against a person in court. But they WILL affect the judge’s attitude.

    I totally agree that such a**holes should have their nuts cut off. 30,000 people die on our roads annually.

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