19 302-nd Flood in St. Petersburg

302-nd Flood in St. Petersburg

Posted on January 14, 2007 by

Every year in St. Petersburg happens a flood.

Sometimes it is bigger sometimes it is smaller.

This year flood happened also, but the funny thing it has happened probably the first time in the middle of the winter!

Here are the photos of the flood from different sources, submitted by our readers:

st. petersburg floodst. petersburg floodst. petersburg floodst. petersburg floodst. petersburg flood

st. petersburg floodst. petersburg floodst. petersburg floodst. petersburg floodst. petersburg flood–nextpage–st. petersburg floodst. petersburg flood

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19 responses to “302-nd Flood in St. Petersburg”

  1. Papa says:

    If you can’t beat Venice, join ’em!

  2. Vladimir says:

    Second photo looks like Photoshop maded.

  3. Dimon says:

    It’s fault of devil Bush!

  4. robotnik says:

    Those damned Chechnyans again!


    • jasna says:

      hi, i’m from croatia. could you help me find some people in st peterburg? also i wouldn’t mind e-mailing with you.
      sunny greetings from croatia

  5. BigDog says:

    Washington DC was built on a swamp on purpose. The Founders wanted to discourage the growth of government and the hot, fetid, pestilant and unpleasant climate in Washington DC discouraged people, especially politicians, from living there permanently. Unfortunately, air conditioning was invented.

  6. Pol says:

    wow! I was there then, but I was in the house all day… didn’t see any flooding 🙂 Yup; could be global warming, da?

  7. Julien says:

    i have no idea how high water is since i would have to see the before and after pictures…hope to get them after the flood

  8. Viktor says:

    Its the Americans fault! haha.. ya right. or maybe its because of where city is built, no? But then again it could be those damn Chinese!

  9. Dadushkaau says:

    second one is not St-Petersburg. it is Germany 2005 (or 2004)

  10. mrcann says:

    everyone produces garbage, not only americans. its a trait of our human nature. but as recycling technologies improve, there is hope! 🙂

  11. björn says:

    mrcann, in china they open one coal-powerplant every WEEK. I love the optimism, but we are doomed. 😉

  12. Gizmo42 says:

    Try doing a little learning before blaming america for everything and showing you ignorance. Most of the air pollution in the world is produced by 3rd world countries and the biggest producer is China.

    Also the temperature of the earth has warmed and cooled many many times in its history, most without any help from us humans. The doom and gloomers like to point out how much the temps have gone up over the last 100 or 200 yrs. What they dont tell you is that most of that warming took place in the first half of that time. Before all the cars, fossil fuels, etc.

    Finally, I dont feel a bit sorry for those who build in flood planes or below water level. But the pics are cool.

  13. vg says:

    Yes, people, pollution, global warming… St Peterbsurg has been flooding for 300 years, as the man says.


  14. dave says:

    Hey earth, lets make a deal, ok? We’ll stop producing carbon dioxide (well ok, we’ll reduce it), and you reverse the natural climate cycle. Deal?

    It always surprises me how belligerent people can be, thinking that they can change climate cycles. It’s about time for the earth to heat up again. It probably doesn’t care much about the parasites clinging to it, or the vehicles that said parasites are driving.

  15. Anders says:

    Second picture took in the Germany little years ago.

  16. Misha says:

    Every human and every country will be punished for their sins, more sin more punishment, isnt that simple?
    Russia deserves more punismnet of course.

  17. trump says:

    its true , looks like pollution affected ur brain too. get out of ur chair u dam fat person and go see how many plants with huge chimneys are out there in russia or china. gosh i used to hate russians for being ignorant, but i see they’re dumb too

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