11 Russian Caviar Vending Machine

Russian Caviar Vending Machine

russian caviar wending machine

In modern Russia there are caviar vending machines. Really.

That’s something that really is only Russian. Where else in the world can you see caviar vending machines?

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11 Responses to “Russian Caviar Vending Machine”

  1. Bishop Brennan says:

    Don’t you mean VENDING mechines?

  2. bingcherries says:

    nice…. :) could use of those down here. love caviar to death

  3. TTLSD says:

    I haven’t seen this type if vending mashines in Russia – may be it is only one in the world???

  4. illlich says:

    Hmmm… why no porn vending machines like in Germany. . . or “used panties” vending machines like in Japan?

    I don’t care about caviar, but we could use some pivo vending mahines here in the states!

  5. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    This thing is not common in Russia, it`s more like a expensive gadget, installed by people who want to show off. First two vending machines were installed in Duma building, and there was some buzz about it, so for now I think it can be found around most expensive and vulgar establishments.

  6. Sturmovik says:

    Well, I’ve decided to travel to Russia to meet the wending machine of my dreams!

  7. matka lososi says:

    Who the hell is getting caviar on the go?

  8. jwc says:

    another caviar vending machine in the center of moscow –

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