12 Baku Racing

Baku Racing

Posted on January 11, 2007 by

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan.

Yes, it’s somewhere near Kazakhstan. So today we have a racing heroes from Baku.

Here are some of them:

baku racing

baku racingbaku racing


12 Responses to “Baku Racing”

  1. Love the site and the photos, but Azerbaijan is nowhere near Kazakhstan….

  2. bingcherries says:

    not bad for zhiguli…haha didnt know the little babies could go on two wheels

  3. [...] Coolzijn in Bakoe, daarvoor heb jeslechts eenLada en attitude nodig. Dit bloghad eenleuke fotopostover deze verreneven van Borat en hun hobby: stoer doenmet Lada’s,dat ten onrechte versmade enonderschatte automerk. [...]

  4. Texas1 says:

    It looks like the Russian version of the Dukes of Hazzard.

  5. Texas1 says:

    I like that hip-hop, Russian gangsta kid. It looks like even Russia has a bunch of white kids who want to be black.

  6. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    And they are as “white” as native Mexicans in US.

  7. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Nobody here knows how much is a mile, so it`s 402 meters here. And zhiguli is becoming a rare car in Moscow – too much imports. Within few years it will disappear.

  8. Washington says:

    I can’t beleve you are even asking that question..

  9. Shader says:

    Azerbaijan is not near Kazakhstan, it’s near Armenia :/ or It’s near Kazakhstan, but across the Hazar RIVER.

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