28 Russian Nuclear Dance

Russian Nuclear Dance

"This man is Alex, 53. He works on one of Russian nuclear plants. Whe he gets to drunk he likes to dance and all other Nuclear plants workers make fun of him. It's forbidden to tape inside Russian Nuclear Plants but this was made by a hidden
cameraphone." Believe it or not but this what we've got from our inbox (all our news are submitted by visitors as you know). If this is true than it's more clear now why the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened. Submitted by Elena P.
33 Boris Yeltsin

Boris Yeltsin

Boris Yeltsin, first Russian president. Many say he was very drunk often while official meetings. On this small video he is very surprised that his speech has ended. He looks on the paper again and again looking if is it
continued in some place, not finding it he asks: "Is it the end?". Then he staggers and almost falls down - but president of Belarus, Lukashenko helps him. After that he reads the last sentence again.
17 Rare BMW

Rare BMW

In Russia you even nowadays
can meet very rare BMWs.
ukraine univercity
15 Another Univercity Campus

Another Univercity Campus

We had already a post about a Business College campus from Ukraine. Now there is another photo report from the univercity campus in one city of
Ukraine. The most interesting thing there is the strange paintings on the wall. They liven up the interriors greatly.
51 Parts of USSR

Parts of USSR

So in order to clarify a little bit what countries were in the USSR we have some photos. People of those countries fill themselves now independent but formerly were referred as "Soviet People". Most of
them still know Russian language almost perfectly. So the list of the counties: First goes Russia. It was the biggest part of USSR in terms of territory and population.
9 Kazakhstan Youth

Kazakhstan Youth

So another country which is now independent from Russia but was a part of USSR, is the glorious Kazakhstan. After the "Borat" movie hit the screens
many people wonder how does really life in Kazakhstan looks like? Here is another short video from Kazakhstan with a strange plot.
30 Drowning Ship in Estonia

Drowning Ship in Estonia

As I mentioned before we publish interesting stuff not only from Russia but from all the ex-USSR parts. A few days ago we had an article about personal car plates worth over $3500 from Latvia. Today there are photos by Billy and Up2sun from a drowning ship
in Estonia. According to their story kingston valves have not closed properly so it was impossible to stop the flow of the water inside and the ship got drowned. At least they have got a chance to take those nice photos.  
russian car
17 No Plates at All

No Plates at All

This Russian car came to Insurance Company. All sorts
of insurance - that's what is written on the sign.
52 Car Plates from Latvia

Car Plates from Latvia

We write here not only about Russia but about all the counties of ex-USSR. In all these countries there is a big fraction of Russian people and more than half of people in all these countries understand Russian and speak Russian. Today there are photos from Latvia. Latvia sells the
right to write ANY word on car plates to people who can pay for this. Usually as you can see on the pictures only guys with expensive cars buy this. Let's see what words are popular in modern Latvia: What a cool plate. Simple and straight.
13 Moscow 1927

Moscow 1927

A few shots of Moscow city back from 1927. Photos are
black and white. Bank of Moscow river.

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