moscow city
21 Moscow Parking

Moscow Parking

People from Moscow suburb were amazed when in the morning
have spotted a guy who parked his car in a strange way.
roads in Ukraine alike Russia
16 Roads of Ukraine

Roads of Ukraine

We already had some of alike pics of Russian roads. Some say that after the collapse of USSR new countries that emerged from the
Soviet State differ from Russia from cultural and economical sides. Here is an example of the roads of Ukraine.
15 Dagestan Dances

Dagestan Dances

Russia is really big country. Many different peoples live there together. Some have more western traditions - some more eastern. For example guys from Dagestan, southern Russian district, like to dance such
dances. Look how they can stop in the middle of the street and dance. The car in the video is Russian car Lada, and they speak Russian also in the end of the clip. Submitted by Oleg
moscow city
38 Real Urban Art

Real Urban Art

Here is the sample of Moscow city distant suburb. As an experiment the dull gray houses were painted to different colours. From my point of view it's really amazing isn't it? In Russia where is in winter sun is a very rare thing such kind of art might keep the winter depression away. For instance
this fall-winter there were no visible sun in Moscow for more than 30 days. Due to this it was reported that a lot of people simply refuse to go to work because of an enormous depressive state they were in. Maybe such urbanistic art would keep the depression away.
russian grandma
12 Granny and the Boulder

Granny and the Boulder

So what is this? Is it a supernatural powers of Russian women? Or maybe it's just a photoshoped image? No! This boulder is from pumice-stone, the
lightweight mineral which is formed from volcano lava. So even the boulder of such size can be lifted easily. And not only by Russian women.
russian weapon
31 Russian Weapons Destroyed By Estonian Customs

Russian Weapons Destroyed By Estonian Customs

These are Estonian customs destroy weapons forfeit
from Russian smugglers. Mainly handguns.
donetsk underground
11 Donetsk Underground

Donetsk Underground

This is how underground (subway) is being built in Donetsk, Ukraine. Donetsk and the surrounding territories are heavily urbanized and agglomerated into conurbation. The workforce is heavily involved with heavy industry, especially coal mining. The city is an important center of heavy
industry and coal mines in the Donets Basin (Donbas) and the Ukraine. Directly under the city lie the coal mines. So they hired coal miners to dig the tunnels for the future underground. So now they get coal and meanwhile the subway is being built. Smart isn't it.
russian planes
59 Abandoned Russian Planes

Abandoned Russian Planes

These are photos of tens of abandoned Russian airplanes. They now stand some more some less disassembled under the severe Russian climate, sharing their parts with some their more lucky brothers who are
still flying. There can be seen different types of planes - military and civil, all of them abandoned now. (c) Photos by =Minaichenkov Igor W.=, retired Russian Air Force Colonel
ukraine village
94 Village in Ukraine

Village in Ukraine

These photos are from the village in Ukraine, near Kiev. Made by Alexander Mihailenko. They are processed
but still they depict the true spirit of old slavic village that still can be met in Ukraine.
russian car
20 Driving Skills

Driving Skills

Some Russian drivers now mark their driving skills. Such tradition came to us from the age of World War II when pilots painted a star on their aircrafts for every successful enemy turned down by them. So Russian drivers think they also are some kind of military pilots
and all the other participants of traffic are their direct enemies, so the collision with everyone is something like a little victory. So they put such kind of stickers marking successful accident with each type of traffic participants:

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