36 Uncle Sam was friend of Russian Ivan

Uncle Sam was friend of Russian Ivan

Posted on December 31, 2006 by

uncle sam

It’s interesting but just before the communist got to power as a result of October Revolution of 1917, there was a USA friendly propaganda in Russia.

For example this poster is from 1917, a few months before the communist’s takeover. It says: “Friends-Democrats – Uncle Sam and Ivan”.

But just a few month later uncle Sam became a negative hero and stayed so 70 years.


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36 Responses to “Uncle Sam was friend of Russian Ivan”

  1. kung-fu says:

    To be continued at least 70 years more. It is brainwashing now going on in Russia, exactly like during previous 70 communist years. “Halop” will never be able to think without assistance.
    Anti-Americanism in Russia has new energy now days. It is even modern now.

  2. mrcann says:

    Common, Anti-Americanism prevails not only in Russia but in the majority of the world, for obvious reasons. Heck, even australians, who are traditionally allied with the USA, dont like americans – what message does it give?

  3. kung-fu says:

    I agree with you, only Russia is little bit sick with that.
    Happy New Year to everyone!
    By the way.

  4. Texas1 says:

    Yes, Bush is bad and the majority of voters elected him as our President. We made a mistake that we now regret. Here is something interesting. Now look at how the majority of people in the US think about Bush.


    Happy New Year!

  5. kung-fu says:

    We talk about Bush?

  6. Texas1 says:

    Some people on here are anti-Bush and others just hate all Americans. Oh well.

  7. Simon Ivanovitch says:

    Not until the end of the Great Patriotic War did relations fall apart. Remember, the US and the USSR were allies!

  8. anonymous says:

    Jews destoroyed Russia and now they will destroy the US

  9. Texas1 says:

    Darek, do you study in the US?

    There seem to be many Polish and Russian students studying in the US. However, the Russian students mainly come from mafia families. As soon as they get over here, they rush out and buy an $80,000 Mercedes-Benz. They have pretty good stories though and they always like to pay. :)

  10. Darek from Poland says:

    Texas1, I don’t study in USA. I’ve finished my study in Poland many years ago (I started at “soviet” time) and now I live and work in Poland.
    Studing history is only my hobby.

  11. Texas1 says:

    Well, it is good to have at least 1 comrade on here! :)

  12. illlich says:

    Could the USA have influenced the USSR more by being its ally, or its enemy?

    Someone in the US made the choice in the early years of the USSR to consider them the enemy, and thus they became the enemy. Perhaps I am too optimistic, but I believe maybe the US could have tried to help the fledgling Soviet government and push them to be more humane to their own citizens. Considering how close we came to nuclear war in 1962, maybe trying to befriend the USSR would have been wise option. But of course hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

  13. Darek from Poland says:

    Illich, dreams are good but not in politics.
    If someone is criminal you don’t change him through friendly behavior.
    Bolsheviks wanted to made a world communist revolution – number of estimated victims was unessential (Poles as first did ascertain about soviet intentions during war with soviet Russia 1919-1921).
    By analogy, German national socialists wanted to made an european/world area for “ubermenschen” – number of estimated victims was unessential.
    After Ribbentrop-Molotov pact III Reich and USSR became an allies, the first collective undertaking was attack on Poland in 1939 (Hitler and Stalin didn’t expect it, but it was the beginnig of WWII) and from that time they became the borderer. Sometimes it’s good for criminals to join and make some ‘undertakings’ but criminals together always means a problem for one of them or for boht of them.

    P.S. Success of trying to befriend anybody don’t depend on you but it depends on opponent.

  14. Peter says:

    Come on!, anti-americanism is a normal thing in all the world. The exterior policy of the USA is terrible, only wanting to expand their empire all along the world. I’ve met a lot of americans and they’re great, but US politicians are terrible…

    I’m from Spain and here, en Europe, everybody has a little bit of anti-americanism at least. In the former USSR too, and it’s normal because americans were their enemy almost 70 years. And in the middle-east… no comment.

  15. Reader says:

    Peter is real donkey in history. All he knows is to weep noisily about “exterior policy of the USA” in spite of failure to understand things.

    “I’ve met a lot of americans and they’re great, but US politicians are terrible…”

    Have you met a US politician? ddd
    I’m also from Europe and I have nothing from anti-Americanism. Only little bit of anti-Peterism.

  16. Darek from Poland says:

    For the poor fool called “… Atrocity”.
    I don’t work as a waiter and have good enough standard of living to pay no attention at guys as you with some mental complex. I presume from what ‘proud’ nation you originate (lol) so I excuse you that you will not come clean.

    P.S. If you have any elementary knowledge about economy you will know that ordinary shipyard business is developed in countries with workers salary lover then $300 per month.
    If you have any elementary knowledge …

  17. Anton says:

    Hellow, I’m russian student, I’m 18 years old and living in Moscow. I want to discuss with you interethnic attitudes…
    You’re talking about anti-american propaganda in russia, but it’s not true…Russians are friendly to all turists and guests include’s US or Enaglish people…But american people not friendly to russians. For example I’ve got a friend which come to live for a long time in San Francisco with her parents. Her parents are urists and they come in US by the business trip. I’m regular talking with her by the icq, and she tald me that americans think that russians are another rase people, like chinese or latinos…
    Almost all of americans knew just some stereotypes and few words about russia and russian people like: vodka, bears, putin, lenin, Boris and babooshka! It’s so sad…

    P.S. sorry for mistakes, it’s just my school english…

  18. Texas1 says:

    Even a waiter in England would make more than a lousy $300/month. Many can make that in a day.

  19. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Not from yours`, Mr. G.(W.)B. fellow countryman, for shure.

  20. Nopasaran says:

    Poland has always been somebody’s waiter. Don’t you, Poles, know your own history? Under the rule of Lithuanians. Working for germans in concentration camps. Licking Soviet Union’s boots and so on and so forth…

  21. Nopasaran says:

    Texas1, our mediocre students get A marks in US. You have nothing to be proud of

  22. Texas1 says:


    Are you crazy? We have had to fight many wars on our own soil. We have fought the English, Indians, French and even a civil war. But back to Afghan, Russia looked like a coward.

    Russia got its butt kicked in Afghanistan by a bunch of starving men on camels! Ha ha

    14,453 dead soldiers
    118 jet aircraft shot down
    333 helicopters shot down
    147 main battle tanks destroyed
    1,314 IFV/APCs destroyed
    433 artillery and mortars destroyed
    1,138 radio sets and command vehicles destroyed
    510 engineering vehicles destroyed
    11,369 trucks and petrol tankers destroyed

  23. mrcann says:

    lol this had deteriorated to a kindergarden level :)

  24. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    OMFGZORZ, i haev mizspeled teh w0rd SURE!!!

    My dear “USA education system product”, just how smart do you think you are? I would really like to know. And I would also like to know, can you little grammar nazi speak Russian?

    BTW, who said anything about fighting on whatever soil, and about being proud of it? (puhhlease, dont make me post US Vietnam casualties here.)

  25. Anna says:

    America was the first and the only country that used nuclear weapon. America also destroyed Yugoslavia (not saying a word about Iraq and the other countries). And look at this site and the comments that you post here: there is much more negative to Russia from USA than vice versa. You all hate everything russian: history, culture, people, nationality… You search for every little cause to show how you hate everything russian. The negative attitude towards USA that is clear in Russia now is mostly due to America itself. And I hope this attitude will become worse with time.

  26. Patrik says:

    If the USA is so great, then:

    1. Why is the head chickenhawk running your country into the ground with “socialism for the rich” aka Keynesian-militarism ?

    2. Why are there more than 35 million food insecure Americans ?.

    3. Why was Cuba’s infant mortality rate lower than in the USA’s in 2004 ?

    4. Why does Amerika incarcerate black people at six times the rate of the most openly racist nation of the last century, South Africa ?.

    5. Why does the USA own the dubious honour of having the largest gulag population in the world in private for-profit uberprisons and state-funded gulags

    6. What’s with all the torture gulags around the world and Gitmo ?.

    7. Why is Bush such a wanker ?

  27. Patrik says:

    1. Why is president Dubya running your country into the ground with “socialism for the rich” aka Keynesian-militarism ?

    2. Why are there more than 35 million food insecure Americans ?.

    3. Why was Cuba’s infant mortality rate lower than in the USA’s in 2004 ?

    4. Why does Amerika incarcerate black people at six times the rate of the most openly racist nation of the last century, South Africa ?.

    5. Why does the USA own the dubious honour of having the largest gulag population in the world in private for-profit uberprisons and state-funded gulags

    6. What’s with all the torture gulags around the world and Gitmo ?.

    7. Why is Bush such a wanker ?

  28. Patrik says:

    The west should have let Russia have their revolution in 1917. It was all due to the crises of capitalism. Laissez-faire capitalism collapsed and died in 1929 around the western world, and it collapsed without a cold war waged against it – without world wars or 25 international armies and mercenaries invading as occurred from 1918 to 1925 as was the case in Russia. Massive destruction and loss of life.

    My father volunteered to go overseas in 1939 to fight fascism. He fought with le regiment de trois rivieres in Africa, Italy, Holland and finally Brussels in 1945.

    Many Canadians are thankful for Russian sacrifices in standing alone against Nazi Germany’s corporate-sponsored military machine for over two years

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