19 Russian Reality Show

Russian Reality Show

Posted on December 31, 2006 by

Recently reality shows became popular in Russia too.

Many youngsters watch them daily. This one is the most popular and the longest going. It has started more than 2 years ago and devoted to a group of young people in search of love. It’s even called so “Dom 2: New Love”.

Here are the bright moments of the show for new love search.

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19 Responses to “Russian Reality Show”

  1. Jonny says:

    Thats cool, in germany are reality shows too, but nobody is fighting there.

  2. M says:

    It seems to be common that Russians are impossibly agressive and cannot to tame their emotionality …
    About one year ago here in Poland was reality show on air in which one of members was a Russian guy. How shock among publicity he made, when some day he attacked a guy from England – simply punching hardly in his face without any serious proof, how I think …

  3. vorjay says:

    I would say Russians are as impossibly aggressive as much as Polish are impossibly anti-Russian who should be thanking God that he created the back-ward Russians or else the world would start paying attention to how incredibly backward the polish are…

  4. Nastia says:

    Does anyone know what band/song that is that’s playing during the video?

  5. Peter says:

    ¿Which song is playing on the video? Sounds cool! ¿Russian Punk?

  6. Pappa says:

    Bad TV! It’s just another amazing parallel between the many similarities of American and Russian Life. We have much more in common than our goverments lead us to believe.

  7. 4emist says:

    You know. this show is running almost 2 years now. And this is just few moments from such long time when guys just had some accidents like that. I am watching this show from time to time. Believe me it’s not about fighting) besides i din’t see any fights before this video)

  8. h8 says:

    russia russia russia.what can i say. oh to this guy talking about anti russian poles. u suprised that they dont like u guys ? i am not after all this what u made for eastern and middle europe. i am suprised they didnt build a huge wall like u guys in berlin one time. or maybe they just dont trust your politics any more. like one old spy in london.

  9. browser war says:

    It will be more correctly say “DOOM 2″ :) LOL

  10. browser war says:

    It will be more correctly say “DOOM 2″ :) LOL – “DEATH MATCH”

  11. cro says:

    The band is “Clockwork Times”, the song is “Fair Play”.
    You can download it here:

  12. Peter says:

    cro, thanks man!

  13. RussianHools says:

    Great show.
    REal suck!

  14. Alcorus says:

    It`s not russian punk!!! It`s russian SKA!!! Heil Russia!

  15. gast! says:

    LOL! Love the way “he” in green shoves “her” (also in green) on the bed at the end! :)

  16. lithuanian says:

    and you know what is the sadest thing?
    The show that russians themselves call the most horrible thing ever shown on tv is now retranslated in Lithuania!
    When i noticed that i truly wanted to emigrate.

  17. Caitlin says:

    You gave nice ideas here. I done a research on the issue and learnt most peoples will agree with your blog.

  18. Hooray for silly bandz! Everybody should find the fun in collecting them with their friends.

  19. Yippee for silly bandz! Everybody should find the fun in collecting them with their friends.

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