39 Drunk Russian Girls

Drunk Russian Girls

In Russia vodka drinking is a viral thing.

Little kids see their parents drinking each time, each weekend, each holiday, so they are getting used to the idea that there is not ever a party without a big big vodka drink.

So then when they learn to walk by themselves and can buy things they go straight to buy alcohol. That’s what it look likes here.

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39 Responses to “Drunk Russian Girls”

  1. mack says:

    The video displays a date of Sep 1, 2005 – which is the “Knowledge day” in Russia, start of school, that everyone, including school kids, have to celebrate. I happen to be in the city of Irkutsk Sep 1 this year and can agree that the results are sometimes like on the video :) (but not always).

  2. Frans says:

    Hé, hallo.

    I have seen your clip from this drunken girls in Russia, and I think I recognise the band who play the music!
    I think it’s Чиж & Co, is this right, and what number is it?



  3. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    I can only say, that those girls are probably schoolgirls or high scool students, and they are drunk so heavy because of 1st september, wich only makes it more sad.

    And you can`t imagine how much the song played in background corresponds to what you see.

  4. Nick says:

    Eventhough I can’t understand a word, I really like the music. What’s the name of the artist / song ?

  5. Russki says:

    We have few peeple drinking, and always some one with fotocamera make all Russia look bad.

  6. 4emist says:

    Grose.It’s sad to see girls behaving like that.. fortunatly there are a lot of nice sexy and smart girls with good manners here in moscow.

  7. peacenik says:

    That’s sad. Shame, really. I wonder if five years from now this fashion of having exposed belly (and lower back) will have repercussions in our climate. Won’t these girls have back pain eventually? Medical opinion, anyone?

  8. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Peacenik is correct. If any girl ever reads this, she has to know that permanent exposure of her lumbus to cooling factors can possibly damage her kidneys.

  9. mrcann says:

    fuken sad. because its true :(

  10. Gördi says:

    Hey all,

    I think this video is funny after all… hard job for the girlie in the red jacket :D

    And i think its not typical russian it may also happen here in germany (ok maybe the police/medics will take them away earlier).

    I was several times in moscow and i think the town is very beautiful as well as the people too.

    And hey, who has a hard live need also some kind of vacation. And drinking is vacation in the head ;) (not toooo much certainly)

  11. dziban303 says:

    Where can I buy these girls? I need a new Russian mail-order bride…the last one drank herself to death.

  12. конюхъ says:

    “I think it’s Чиж & Co, is this right”, nope, it’s
    Алексин – Малолетние шалавы

  13. Texas1 says:

    Hmmm.. 2 drunk girls and no guys around?

  14. Alex says:

    I bet you can get a threesome like that easy you just have to not mind the occasional pukes during the threesome..

    I’m moving to Russia for a day on September 1st…

  15. Gully says:

    The soundtrack is played by Aleksin… russian folk band..
    looks like there are only two guys there. typical what i call “blatnyak” style :-)

  16. browser war says:

    Here, in Europe, teens drinks much too…but not on the street :)) lol

  17. Foo says:

    Will someone please post this to Youtube?

    Is there a way to download from the mail.ru site? I can’t find a download link…

  18. Fry says:

    It˙s nothing more uglier than drunk girl.

  19. Texas1 says:

    Isn’t that what the light switch is for isn’t it? You can also use paper bags.

  20. Texas1 says:

    Give me a few drinks and I’ll shake my groove thang with them.

  21. Frans says:

    Thanks конюхъ, and Gully.

    I’m allready download songs from this end other numbers!


  22. slimbuckle says:

    I foresee an MTV video award

  23. Darksun says:

    So there are chavs in Russia aswell! Good to know the UK isn’t the only place that suffers from them.

  24. jope says:

    Here in Finland I have seen much younger boys and girls as drunk as they are… that’s sad… but true

  25. Dmitryi says:

    This site – continuous lie. Individual bad cases are deliberately collected and presented as system. The author of a site – possibly emigrant hating Russia.

  26. Pera says:

    Damn the song is good, what is songs name. Does somebody know?

  27. Nopasaran says:


    how old is she? Is it September 1st? Oh, she’s puking… She is not Russian, how could she???

  28. Swedish guy says:

    Please.. love this tune, but cant locate it anywhere for download or anything.. i want that live version too… pls help anyone?

  29. misny0 says:

    That’s quite strange, but in Hungary, it happens too. I’ve seen many drunk girls in street. It’s just common, I mean more common than average people would expect.

  30. yoyo says:

    I would like to know if someone knows more about Aleksin, the artist who made the music for this videoclip.

    I already visited his site (www.aleksin.ru) but I would love to have one of his cd’s. So maybe someone knows where to order.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    greets, yoyo

  31. Frans says:


    When you have emule, post this link to find!

    Алексин Aleksin 3 Albums.rar

    Good luck!

  32. bella says:

    IT WONT PLAY – can someone help??

  33. m asim says:

    hi to all

  34. andrey says:

    tite yo i love drunk russian girls… u [email protected]#$ing haters

  35. desant says:


  36. Mikki says:

    everyone may download it from here Loadingvault.com
    they got lots of fun!

  37. Poppy Scott says:

    light switches should be made from oxygen free copper so that they last longer,”‘

  38. nick says:

    gotta love drunk russians they really are crazyright?

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