35 Russian Wooden Highscraper

Russian Wooden Highscraper

Posted on December 27, 2006 by

Today we have hand made stories. Another one is submitted by Timo.

This one is really strange. It is a wooden multi-stored building. It looks like a real skyscraper in Arkhangelsk city. All the houses in the town are mainly two- three- stored and here it stands – a twelve stored wooden tower, more than 120 ft high (38 metres).

There is not elevator and you can reach the top of the building climbing by a carved wooden stairs.

The building can be seen from all the town. The city authorities claim that the building spoils the town view and demand to reduce it by… 10 stores. But he refuses. He really likes his creation and most of the local people think that it looks nice.

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wooden skyscraper, Arkhangelsk, Russia
submitted by Timo

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35 responses to “Russian Wooden Highscraper”

  1. Doug says:

    I am wondering how he heats it – or if he heats it all or just part of it. A fire could be especialy catastrophic with that structure.

  2. Stephen says:

    Wow. I wish we could get a tour of the inside.

  3. Tomek says:

    The builder can make money on organising tours to the “highscraper”. But it could be not enough tough to resist a group of people

  4. Russ, Ian says:

    Great place to shoot a vampire movie.

  5. gotti says:

    where’s the town view to be spoiled?

  6. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    I like this kind of architecture. It has a unique style. There was a tradition of building such things long ago in the past.

  7. Bishop Brennan says:

    That can’t be structurly safe.

    Just wait until the wood worm sets in and/or a storm.

  8. 3K says:

    For me looks like from „Thorgal” comics 🙂

  9. Patrick says:

    Man o man, that looks like a Castle Grande. I like it.

  10. Observer says:

    That can’t be structurly safe….

    Who cares ? 🙂

  11. David says:

    id live in it.

  12. Martin says:

    3K: Thorgal, what a great comic… 😀

  13. dr says:

    maybe the people who live there…?

  14. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Bishop Brennan, never heard “paint” or “varnish”?

  15. bob says:

    Looks badass in the mist like that.

  16. TV Nuts says:

    Amazing, wonder how sturdy it is.

  17. Ben says:

    That’s gonna fall down any day now..

  18. Yuri says:

    It looks like a scene from Myst or Riven. I love it.

  19. Gördi says:

    great church ! 8)

    I like those.

    And they last sometimes longer than a common 1-family-house in USofA 😀

  20. Alex says:

    I meant “I would NOT” 🙂

  21. Who made who says:

    It looks cool, but it looks crooked(not vertical)!!

  22. S_C says:

    It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Are you sure you’re not making this up?

  23. ray says:

    coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!111i’d like live in that magic building…

  24. roo says:

    Wooden architecture is traditional for Russian North.
    Here is Livejournal community (russian language) with tons of pictures. http://community.livejournal.com/ru_woodarch/
    You should also see the famous Kizhi place.

  25. yoron says:

    You’re missing out here friends 🙂

    It’s not a building. It’s a dream.

  26. Starshii says:

    They destroyded this building yesterday. 🙁

  27. juliaba says:

    yes..it does not exist…it was not a church but a living house..not ready but it survived several years..those who think wood worms would destroy it – we have wooden houses in the north of russia and they are pretty safe even 100 years later..if you cut the wood in a proper time in a proper place,,but this building is now in our memory(((

  28. very interesting pictures. I like especially the wooden phone.

  29. Aeromax says:

    This is awesome. They don’t build them like they used to 😛

  30. donie says:

    what a to testimony the spirit of the individual. Give this man a wooden medal. May he continue to stand tall above the mediocracy !!!!

  31. donie says:

    what a testimony to the creative spirit of the individual. Give this man a wooden medal. Long may he stand out proud and tall above the mediocracy.

  32. Chris Anton says:

    very interesting pictures ..:D

  33. Taupey says:

    I love it!

  34. Saya says:

    It looks like the Weasleys’ house!

  35. Ogurec says:

    What impudence!

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