38 Real Urban Art

Real Urban Art

Posted on December 23, 2006 by

Here is the sample of Moscow city distant suburb.

As an experiment the dull gray houses were painted to different colours.

From my point of view it’s really amazing isn’t it?

In Russia where is in winter sun is a very rare thing such kind of art might keep the winter depression away. For instance this fall-winter there were no visible sun in Moscow for more than 30 days. Due to this it was reported that a lot of people simply refuse to go to work because of an enormous depressive state they were in.

Maybe such urbanistic art would keep the depression away.

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moscow citymoscow citymoscow citymoscow citymoscow city–nextpage–moscow citymoscow citymoscow citymoscow citymoscow city

moscow citymoscow citymoscow citymoscow citymoscow city
photos by sturman
submited by Nikolay

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38 responses to “Real Urban Art”

  1. Publius says:

    Wow, looks like a children’s hospital. Especially with the lyrics on the side of the building. It would make it easy to find your apartment though, if you could say “I’m inside the butterfly’s anus” or “attached to the mast of the red sailboat”

  2. oles says:

    Do you know the names of the painters or their group?

  3. fm says:

    This reminds me of Anri Sala’s video from 2003 Dammi i Colori. It consists of a series of shots from a moving car that show the colourful streets of Tirana, the capital of Albania. Many old buildings have been ordered to be painted there by the eccentric Mayor of the city , himself an ex-artist

  4. fm says:

    sorry – messed up there

    the link text should read – the name of the Mayor of Tirana

  5. Petrina says:

    Very cool!!

  6. Mary says:

    Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for the photographs.

  7. Georg says:

    It’s a candy coated nightmare, maybe try covering it with fur

  8. Papa Carlo says:

    So something good does happen in Russia!

  9. eye says:

    Fantastic. I was in Moscow and Leningrad many years ago, and it was such a drab and dreary world. I didn’t think that russians had this sort of imagination. These paintings are wonderful, very impressive.

    English Russia is a great blog. But you need to keep showing us positive things like this, as well as the bad or the decaying side.

  10. Rouslan says:

    wtf is this?? It looks gay; it makes typical Soviet artitecture look even worse.

  11. Texas1 says:

    I read an article once about products like the following. http://www.litebook.com/?s=gaw&kw=sad%20lights

    Maybe Russia could slap a bunch of LED’s on a building and fix the problem. Just imagine the artistic possibilities.
    : )

  12. The Polish Guy says:

    Eye, imagine living here for the whole life. What sort of imagination you’d have.

    After vodka especially.

  13. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Well, we don`t get too much sunny days in the winer indeed, mainly because of short bright daytime, so I think such pallette is a good idea. But it will require quite a lot of expensive maintenance, because if it will degrade over time, it will look even more depressing than common tiled walls.

  14. The Polish Guy says:

    Yes as I see daily these walls that once were new and shiny but, because of dirt and smoke and pollution, became dark, gloomy and dirty. And sad.

  15. The Polish Guy says:


  16. UA says:

    that’s a real creatiff !!

  17. Viacheslav says:

    This looks really amazing. But in fact, the idea to use bright colours was first used in the northern cities with yet longer winters and less sunlight in the winter than in Moscow like e.g. Norilsk or Anadyr. They painted the very same concrete slab or brick houses in various colours to make them look not too depressing. The people in Ramenskoe just developed the known idea somewhat further and made pictures of the houses. Looks really avanguardistic.

    The greyness and clouds in Moscow late autumn and winter are a natural event, but there were a lot more freezing, but sunny days in the past. Such a “European winter” is a recent trend which is generally disliked by the most. The air pollution is not the only (although important) reason.

  18. Texas1 says:

    I would feel like my life was a bad acid trip.

  19. Connie says:

    This is a new version of aestehtic torture

    all those people who applaud should live there and look out of the window every day ;=(

    Think about the bad quality of wall color and you can imagine how this will look in 3 years …

    I do not know what is better, this style or the standard grey of the walls, but I fear these walls will make people crazy

  20. gi says:

    hi everybody

  21. BonZo says:

    It’s not Moscow!!! It’s Ramenskoe!!! This will never happen in Moscow. lol

  22. rodrigo says:

    with a project like this at this scale, something positive has to come from it. our surroundings affect us more than we even noitce. i would like to see more palm trees in winnipeg, but that will never happen!!!

  23. Amazing !!
    but im a bit affraid of this colors !!

  24. Gustavo says:

    do u like chocolate? Muy muy!

  25. thayse says:


  26. Maks says:

    Why paint them at all comrades? Just leave concrete as it is.

    Reinforced concrete is fashionable nowadays.

    It will make housing even more affordable to the masses. Beside, paint, any paint, is toxic. Why have it on your house?

    Long live social justice! Long live Russia!

  27. Llyr says:

    Can anybody tell me where these buildings are in Moscow, please?


  28. brbrbr says:


  29. AV says:

    This is NOT Moscow, this is the city of Ramenskoe 40 km from Moscow. Btw, such “masterpieces” were forbidden, the reason “they may cause car crashes”

  30. bsarment says:


    giving colors for all these big blocks of flats with no life!

    from Brazil!

  31. ispyu says:

    Wow, you are really opening up my eyes to the “new” Russia. I remember pictures from my childhood in which I was fascinated because Russia seemed to be so void of color from the buildings and cars to the clothing. I’m glad to see things are changing.

  32. Smokes says:

    It is better to see more colors instead of mono chromatic gray walls.

  33. AQW says:


  34. tahat says:

    Bravo, remarkable idea

  35. logan says:

    where is this???

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