20 Driving Skills

Driving Skills

Posted on December 20, 2006 by

Some Russian drivers now mark their driving skills.

Such tradition came to us from the age of World War II when pilots painted a star on their aircrafts for every successful enemy turned down by them.

So Russian drivers think they also are some kind of military pilots and all the other participants of traffic are their direct enemies, so the collision with everyone is something like a little victory.

So they put such kind of stickers marking successful accident with each type of traffic participants:

russian carrussian car

The railway mark probably means how much he passed on the red light through the railroad crossing.

This pilot has no pedestrian marks, he is probably some sort of human loving specie.

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20 responses to “Driving Skills”

  1. W1π∑7Ω¥ says:

    So where is the pictures? I can’t see anything.

  2. Bishop Brennan says:

    This picture looks photoshoped, espically the first one.

  3. Dave says:

    They copied it from an insurance ad. The guy’s Lada had Mercedes logos lined up down the door, and he had a wicked smirk.

  4. Vanya says:

    Even if these stickers on cars are real, it is a joke.

  5. Churba says:

    “Such tradition came to us from the age of World War II when pilots painted a star on their aircrafts for every successful enemy turned down by them.”

    Pardon me for correcting you, but The term is “Shot down” Not “Turned down” – Examples

    The Red Baron shot down many allied aircraft.

    The plane was shot down with a missile.

  6. BelarusGuy says:

    Have you ever noticed that at the bottom of the page it says “Comments are allowed only in English language” but the creator of this site does not know proper English to begin with?

  7. Dimon says:

    Why you don’t express sympathy for ours guys diying in Chechnya for highly noble causes. This is really bad stuff.
    Why nobody mentions the real prikol of photos is sign for Chainik in window. It is car for driving school!

  8. Bishop Brennan says:

    ^ As usual.

  9. dim says:

    photoshop and not even funny to begin with

  10. Texas1 says:

    I thought this was funny! I once had a girl friend that racked up a record like this. She got too expensive to insure, so I dumped her for another.

  11. Puff says:

    This is not a joke. The pictures are true. In Bulgariq is the same.

  12. kate says:

    omg this is a joke…i saw this thing once…ahahha not all drivers do that ! the driver is just having fun jeez

  13. Folken says:

    It’s not a railroad sign, it’s a fence!

  14. mutuelle says:

    Merci pour ce post intéressant. si vous continuer ainsi je vais devenir un lecteur fidéle

  15. mutuelle says:

    i never heard about this. i have the intention of doing the same on my car lol

  16. Viaduck says:

    And you can tell me more? thanks in advance.

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