59 Abandoned Russian Planes

Abandoned Russian Planes

Posted on December 20, 2006 by

These are photos of tens of abandoned Russian airplanes.

They now stand some more some less disassembled under the severe Russian climate, sharing their parts with some their more lucky brothers who are still flying.

There can be seen different types of planes – military and civil, all of them abandoned now.

(c) Photos by =Minaichenkov Igor W.=, retired Russian Air Force Colonel

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59 Responses to “Abandoned Russian Planes”

  1. Yuri says:

    Very very depressing

  2. diego says:

    This kind of places always makes me sad.

  3. d says:

    Poor Russia. Once a sign of their might now a sign of thier weaking strength.

    @ Mod:
    You should post pics of the navy.

  4. HACKER says:


  5. nick says:

    In soviet Russia, plane fly you!

  6. Syntheto says:

    I wince, because of all the exotic materials and lubricants leaching into the ground. Places like Nizhni Novgorod (fomerly Gorky) have some of the most polluted water in the world. No group of people have been mistreated, lied to, taken advantage of, and just plain shown as much disrespect as the Russian and Ukranian people.

  7. online tv says:

    Looks like it’s guarded, but still it’s probably a weapon or vehicle runner’s wetdream. Lots of open weapons and parts just ripe for the picking.

  8. tom says:

    The TU-95s in the first pic had their engins going.

  9. Igor says:

    Sori, my english is veri bad.
    this plane are simbol cold war, but is my histori, and i have pain in my heart wen i see this photo, because this plane was been simbol of majesty my motherland.
    Thank and good bue. congratulaishen wis crismas!!!

  10. Gary Albon says:

    Yes, warfare is expensive and wasteful.But we have Ronald Reagan, Lech Walesa and Pope John to thank for bringing an end to that horrible regime. Millions of East Europeans are thankful to them.

  11. Dido says:

    wow. All that labor. All that planning. The building and precision. The glory, beauty, power. That is depressing. But it’s a depression i like. That’s the kind of stuff I come to this site for. Please keep this stuff coming.

  12. Danny says:

    “Sori, my english is veri bad.
    this plane are simbol cold war, but is my histori, and i have pain in my heart wen i see this photo, because this plane was been simbol of majesty my motherland.
    Thank and good bue. congratulaishen wis crismas!!! ”

    Thank you for that comment, Igor. I’m also saddened to see fine aircraft such as these being picked apart. Unfortunately they have outlived their usefulness and progress only marches forward. JustMe, I hope you realize that some fight and some die to make this world a better place. It is machinery and weapons like those aircraft that kept egos and military ambitions IN CHECK. Please show me where those Tu-22s and Tu-95s delivered a nuclear device. DPRK is a completely different state of affairs, it is run by ONE individual and he is insane.
    My two cents and then some..

  13. Uncle Sidney says:

    I did not mean to say that war is good. Nor did I mean that wasteing talent, and resources on it was noble. I was infact mourning the dreams of the all the pilots, and engineers.

    Their only wish was to fly, and protect their country. The politics of the murderous 20th century betrayed them as it betrayed us all.

  14. Hello to all,

    it is sad to see most of the aircraft, like the Tu-16, Tu-22M & An-22 are broken down to pieces.

    But i want to thank the persons who put the photos on “the net” for sharing the photographs with us.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.
    Some of my photos on;

  15. Timothy says:

    I’d rather see these go to wealthy collectors in the West than be destroyed. :-(

  16. Jim says:

    Sad, but not with out hope – hopefully the Russians will (or already have) a base like Davis-Monthan.

  17. Ryan says:

    What city is this in?

  18. asdf says:

    only thing i could think of was how cool that would be to have one of those planes as a house…

  19. :( says:

    R.I.P. USSR -

  20. Keylime says:

    Justme- if it weren’t for countries like the United States that were willing to invest in military equipment and men, then more than likely you’d be in a forced labor camp on some Soviet factory farm right now.

  21. Hartree says:

    I don’t see these photos as particularly sad. The planes are still being used as parts sources. They aren’t just abandoned

    This is normal. Older planes that have too much damage or wear to be fixed easily have parts taken off of them to be used on ones that are still flying. Every military does it. Civilian air fleets do it.

    Sad, was what happened to the Russian (and other former Soviet states) economy during and after the collapse and the suffering that went with it.

  22. Shadow says:

    We also have a bunch of B-52s that we had to chop-up because of the SALT treatys.

  23. Jipa says:

    Damn it would be cool to get to loot one of those places.. Some pretty nice materials are used (atleast in western planes)… Also one could make pretty damn nice simulator-cabin from an old REAL plane-cabin… Just slam in a projector and controllers for the PC and you’re set to go..

  24. Oleg K says:

    THIS IS NOT IN RUSSIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is former Strategic Bomber base in Ukraine near town Velikie Luki. These pictures were taken in the mid 90s. On 11th picture from the bottom you may see one of the men wearing Ukranian uniform. In 1998-99 Russia worked out a deal with Ukraine and got back all of the TU-160, TU-22 and TU-95 that could fly and/or were usable for spare parts. There are now 30-something Tu-160’s based in Engels (North Russia).

    See them here:


  25. Dmitry says:

    I think they should at least keep one of each of the planes in working condition – to show what was possible technologically in those days. It is sad to see the effort of people living in those days go without a physical evidence. I have a lot of appreciation for technology as a manifestation of creation. I have looked into the future, and I saw: peace, love, health, and celebration of our creation as the triumph symbol of our civilization. Stop the War! Get well and celebrate!

    inventor of WinAmp, Dmitry Boldyrev

  26. sirenj says:

    well, I didn’t see MiG-144, Su-37, Su-47 or Yak-141
    parts here. guess there’s nothing to worry about. :)
    I just can’t wait to see them in service and hearing
    about how they’re downing western technology.

    OK, look, I don’t wish for war, of any kind..
    but it’d be cool.. USA vs Iran vs Saudi Arabia vs Yemen.

    • Atru says:

      Man, MiG-1.44 is only experimental sample, we have only one sample and it’s is very far from readiness.
      Su-37 – only one sample and it was destroyed in crash and it program was closed.
      Su-47 fantasic plane with fantastic price and fantastic hard to build it. We can’t make it mass… only one sample…

      And on this photos i see great transport planes… They have decayed. What for? Army can give it for to civil airlines…
      A also see modern strategic bombers Tu-22M3. It’s the best bombers in the world after Tu-160. and it are forgotten and destroyed…

      Russia is dies like great civilazation. We became like Britan… good for citizens, but nothing great… Not at the first place of mankind like in the past…

  27. Brendon says:

    I would really like to know were this boneyard is as i have a dive company and i would love to get hold for the “bear Tu 95″ or any migs so my customers can dive them instead of then going to wast.

  28. domotica says:

    wow, incredible pics

  29. valencia says:

    id like to see it on google earth, does somebody know where is it exactly?

  30. valencia says:

    id like to see it on google earth, does somebody know where are is it exactly?

  31. luis garcia says:

    soy de honduras y es una lastima ver estos aeronaves despedasadas . yo en lo personal soy fanatico a los aviones rusos y me da pesar verlos destruidos si pudiera yo los salvaria y los donara a museos. y los disponobles los venderia a las naciones que los requieren a precios bajos.

  32. V.A says:

    É muito interresante a passagem do tempo,antes esses aviões tinham grandes significados para o homem.Agora são somente peças para reciclagem ou outro destino que tenham utilidade.
    Mas todo esse acervo faz parte da História de um país,e porque não da humanidade.

  33. gurtek singh says:

    well sad at last ,this is what happen to non-used planes.
    at least some of their parts are in working planes,still they need to store them carefully……….
    greetings from india

  34. Shinra says:

    “Wars over guys, you can rest.”

    Corny but I reckon it’s a cool sentiment. :P

  35. Nukemall says:

    Tu-95, Tu-16, Tu-22 and An-22 mostly mades of D16T(6501) aluminium alloy. All-steel is MiG-25(with golden heat shields in engine bays).

  36. luis says:

    ta q avusivos son causa por q destruyen alos aviones rusos si era para q bombarde alos yankis de mierd todo esos aviones hasta bombarderos era para q lo maten alos yankis de mierd (PERU)ate -micaela 1

  37. HECTOR says:

    es una lastima ver estas hermosuras abandonadas la verdad yo las reconstruiria para un museo

  38. luke steffy says:

    i want to know the location of this base if any russian people know of it and can you buy pieces of the craft?

  39. Ngern says:

    those are the weapons for WWIII

  40. FsTheo says:

    @ Luke Steffy, I think it’s Sperenberg Luke, former East Germany.
    But if you check Google Earth, you’ll see it’s empty now..




  41. brbrbr says:

    looks like Ukrainian factory 4 recycling metal from planes[4 almost nothing in terms of money].

    yes, sad to see completely new(maybe not flown yet) version of backfire, crippled and destroyed.

  42. vaughn nebeker says:

    Techacly if thay had payed me for putting out chernobyl the
    Air craft bone yard would not been a problem. I done that type technogy before. but when the ukraine pulled fraud the technology’s were pulled.

  43. Javox says:

    yeah i guess the have more hide maybe hahahaha

    poor russia they r so bad, dunno if one day they could get ok again, of course dunno when the USSR was runnin if they have hungry and thouse things, maybe the ironsheel didnt let us watch

  44. Semaj says:

    The sweat and blood of a nation squandered on garbage.

  45. norm says:

    I’m always fascinated by Russian technology. They have many weird and strange looking machines they use for the military, which are really interesting and fascinating! It’s really sad to see those planes rot.

  46. Robert from U.S.A. says:

    I don’t mean to “beat a dead horse” but that collection of photos is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. As a student of aviation maintenance I have a passion for all things that fly, and seeing those old warriors being slaughtered instead of honored in museums around the world makes me weep inside. There are countless uses for those fallen icons of engineering and power, static museum displays, the cockpits and fuselages could be made child safe and used on playgrounds (I for one LOVED playing “Pilot” as a kid and would have jumped for joy to see one on a playground.) Cockpits in flight simulators. Flying examples used for “Live” aerial recognition for pilots from all over the world and such. I apologize for being so long winded on this subject but like I said, I am passionate about everything that flies. Thank you for posting these pictures and sharing this sadness with us all. A burden shared is a burden lightened.

  47. Incredibly interesting read. Honest!

  48. marlene d says:

    is there a way i could contact Ret. Col. Minaichenkov ?

    am a BIG MiG fan although born French canadian.

    [email protected]

  49. Croniss says:

    Excuse for that I interfere … I understand this question. I invite to discussion. Write here or in PM.

  50. Brian says:

    When I was just achild, I would watch the B-36 and later the B-47 and then the B-52 fly over my house and my dad said it was because of the Cold War. I kind of miss the specticle now. It was noisy and exciting back then.
    A great colection of an end to a Cold War period.

  51. Blogging ABC says:

    I am fascinated by Russian military technology. It’s really sad to see those planes rot.

  52. simcha says:

    Seeking to purchase Soviet-era aircraft fuselage fabricating machinery to ship to USA

  53. RUSSIAN says:


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