9 Kazakhstan Youth

Kazakhstan Youth

Posted on December 13, 2006 by team

So another country which is now independent from Russia but was a part of USSR, is the glorious Kazakhstan.

After the “Borat” movie hit the screens many people wonder how does really life in Kazakhstan looks like?

Here is another short video from Kazakhstan with a strange plot.


9 Responses to “Kazakhstan Youth”

  1. Ari says:

    Now that was a good one! I totally falled for it. Way to go guys!


  2. Sauri says:

    Looks like flashmob

  3. Brim says:

    That was great! I probably woke up all my neighbors with my laughter. Even my cat got scared of my insane giggling.

  4. Pappa says:

    That music is hideous

  5. awok says:

    Way to make benefit for Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan!

  6. Eskafolon says:

    Ending unexpected. Abrupt guys.

  7. NyaR says:



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