30 Drowning Ship in Estonia

Drowning Ship in Estonia

Posted on December 13, 2006 by team

As I mentioned before we publish interesting stuff not only from Russia but from all the ex-USSR parts.

A few days ago we had an article about personal car plates worth over $3500 from Latvia.

Today there are photos by Billy and Up2sun from a drowning ship in Estonia.

According to their story kingston valves have not closed properly so it was impossible to stop the flow of the water inside and the ship got drowned.

At least they have got a chance to take those nice photos.




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30 Responses to “Drowning Ship in Estonia”

  1. Stephen says:

    Goodness. Is the crew OK?

  2. James says:

    The ship sunk, not drowned. You drown a man, a cat etc etc.
    You sink a ship.

  3. illlich says:

    I like the subtle poetry of “drowning ship.”

  4. Björn says:

    nice photo’s indeed. the early pictures I though “that is not so bad, is it…?” well, it clearly was.

  5. dingo says:

    I can´t believe they couldnt save the vessel, the sea was calm,no fire inside, and what are the kingston valves?

  6. diego says:

    Hey, the one in the second photo seems to be another ship. Maybe is it the one which came to rescue the crew from the sinking ship.

  7. Harli says:

    This ship has not been sunk in Estonia. 1) You see a very sunny day there – here we have sun for only 6-7 hours now, it has been 100% cloudy during last month.
    2) These men would have much more clothes with them – highest temperature has been about 8 degrees during last two months, which is pretty high (it should be -8). On the see the temprature is much lower + wind.
    3) I don’t say that there are all the times storms on the sea during this time, but the see would be much darker and much more rough for sure.
    4) There has been no information in the media.
    5) Check the ships name. Name looks like the ship is from Sweden or from Norway. But they have the same weather conditions there as I described.
    from Estonia

  8. BelarusGuy says:

    Hahaha, just like the Titanic. I wonder if you have photos of the Estonia ship that sank in 1994 — 850 people died.

  9. Q: How many ex-Soviets does it take to sink a ship?

  10. Doug says:

    A minimum of rust, the paint looks new. Perhaps it was a new ship? I wonder if it was insured.

  11. RussianHools says:

    Titanik =)))

  12. pld says:

    I would just like to point out that Estonians don’t consider it respectful to be labeled as “the former Soviet Union” or “ex-USSR”. Our country was brutally occupied for 50 years by the Red Army, yes; but I don’t think Western Europeans would like to be labeled “ex-Third Reich” either. Or calling US “the former British Empire”.

  13. hazzamanazz says:

    Hey pld, don’t get too harsh. After all, is only business.

    BTW, did you russians will poison me for telling this?

    OH yeah, KGB was very good in poisoned people and dissidents. When this fail, they simply shoot you!

    [ ]‘s

  14. dRE says:

    Well, Estonians are clearly not “ex-Third Reich”, they ARE the Third Reich!

    hazzamanazz: If we wanted you dead, we’d just shoot you. That’s what Russians do (not only on their soil). It’s much much easier than trying to poison you with some ridiculous substance which leaves traces on everything you touch.

  15. hck says:

    yeah, we have such a nice and big and friendly neighbour dRE, you see. as an example of the friendliness he tends to “just shoot” people, or poison them.

    must have hurt losing the cold war? poor thing.

  16. Eskafolon says:

    In underwater fleet of Estonia the new ship has acted.

  17. pld says:

    dRE said: “Well, Estonians are clearly not “ex-Third Reich”, they ARE the Third Reich!”

    dRE, let me just ask one question: are you currently checked into a mental health institution? Schizophrenia or clinical paranoia perhaps? If that’s the case, accept my sincere apologies for arguing with you and deriving enjoyment from your outlandishly ignorant comments, which I have found amusing. Just tell if you are suffering from a disease, there’s no shame in it. Could happen to any of us, right?

  18. Eskafolon says:

    by pld
    Probably it hints about glorification Estonian the soldier at war on party SS…
    And problems of monuments put at the USSR.
    On the one hand, it can look as disposal of memory of occupation.
    With another, as worship before fascists… Probably it wished to tell dRE

  19. pld says:

    “it hints about glorification Estonian the soldier at war on party SS”

    Your English is somewhat unclear, but from what I understand, it seems that I have to repeat what I’ve said at least 10 times on this site: there has been no glorification of nazism or SS in independent Estonia. Please use independent and trustworthy news sources, not Russian propaganda materials when making up your mind on such issues.

    BelarusGuy: “Hahaha, just like the Titanic. I wonder if you have photos of the Estonia ship that sank in 1994 — 850 people died.”

    You’re the guy who disliked personalized licence plates because it would be harder to get away with murder after you hit someone in a car. Hahaha indeed; 850 drowned Estonians, Swedes and Finns is real funny.

  20. hck says:

    Yeah, everyone who doesn’t agree with your pro-bolshevist views, is being “paid” by the US government.

    Yet another fact twist – first of all, it was a general, secondly, he stated that the possibility that anyone might attack us, is biggest with Russia. Now because the behaviour of Russia/USSR/whatever lies to the East hasn’t been exactly friendly during last 800-900 years or so (last century alone : 2+ attacks), this precaution is understandable.

    And you also tried hard to overlook the fact that our president recently stated (he gave an interview to your radio station) that biggest threat coming from Russia is the nuclear plant Sosnovyi Bor 90km from our border.

    And also you could perhaps search for various polls in Russia during last 15 years (oh, what a coincidence?) about whom Russians consider to be the *enemy*. TOP3 usually looks like “USA, Latvia, Estonia”. Right now, of course, Georgia has gained some positions there :)

    All the Baltic states want is Russia the Big Bully to leave them the hell alone. And, perhaps, in a few years, when Russian politicians grow up a bit, some constructive dialogue can be held.

    No nazi marches have ever been in Estonia, so I don’t know why you spread these deliberate lies. No SS monuments either.

  21. hck says:


    my mistake. I was in a rush. I take back all the words about SS.

    We in Estonia like SS, but we haven’t built a monument for him yet, maybe next time he visits us : SS glorification

    I’ve heard people in Russia are quite fond of SS, too.

  22. deutz says:

    somebody know what is the ship name???? it a very importent

  23. The sinking vessel was F/V Gideon — the former HMS Cordella – a warship in the British Falklands War. She sank on 26 May 2005 off Newfoudland under Latvian owership.

    Read the amazing story at




  24. Jipa says:

    Oh what oil leaks? Like the sea wouldn’t already be dead enough.

  25. Charles says:

    has any one noticed that 65% of Russia may be covered with water soon, that is all but the mountains. the permafrost is melting and the seas are rising. If we have a hot summer it may get worse. I am making my comments based on what I see in google earth. I hope that this that I see was some time in the past and was the result of heavy rain for some time.

  26. Notifier says:

    Haha, the ship is not Estonian!

    And then funny “russian” english. To drown a ship?
    Go back to school…

  27. Mario says:

    The Ship was F\V Gideon, former F\V Olga, former Cordella. The ship took part of the Falkland war (pennant number H 177, as a Hydrographic vessel).

    In 2003 the Cordella was sold to BURINIEKI Ltd in Latvia, and was renamed “Olga”.August 10th 2004 Olga were sold to GIDEON BALTIC Ltd and was renamed “Gideon”.

    “Gideon” has no connectsion with Estonia, it was registred in Latvia, crew consisted of citisens from Latvia, Lihuania, Iceland, Belarussa, not a single estonian.2nd Engineer and Motorman were actually a native russians.

    “Gideon” sank on may 25th 2005 near Newfoundland, of Flemish Cap, position φ=47°52,7’N, λ=045°18,5’W.As a result of fire and flooding in Engine room.

    Actually that reason wasn’t confirmed by investigators, beacause there isn’t a single evidence of fire on pictures taken before the sinking.It’s possible that “Gideon” was scuttled for some reason, as you can see on the pictures basicly all doors and hatches were left open, possibly for more rapid flooding.

  28. Rich says:

    Clearly sunk by the top secret American water tentacle …
    No great loss as it was one of those destructive “draggers”

  29. UnderM says:

    For informations todRe: As I know, estonians were ready fight with anybody, just to figth against Soviet Union. They fight for freedom Estonia. They fighting for revenge those thousands innocent people, who was killed in Estonia before Soviet Union run away because german troops coming, and tuose thousands innocent people, who was deported by russians to concentration camps in Siberia. Why Waffen SS? Because Nazi Germany take foreigners only in SS, not in reguler army.

  30. OMG… I hope no one died.

    Soendoro Soetanto

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