7 Kiev Pelican

Kiev Pelican

Posted on December 6, 2006 by team

So climate changes dramatically in Russia.

We all got used that usualy it’s cold in Russia and bears wander across the streets, asking for some food.

Nowadays there is now snow at 6th of December all across Western part of Russia and ex-USSR counties like Ukraine.

And more than that there are no bears. No bears at all, but instead bears you can meet pelicans walking around the streets of ex-USSR cities.

Just take a look of this recent shot of Red Winter:

pelican in kiev

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7 Responses to “Kiev Pelican”

  1. BelarusGuy says:

    What? Who cares about pelicans? We want more pictures of bears, please.

  2. Bert (drunk?) says:

    Red Winter in the Ukraine is not really the red winter of Russia — it’s Ukraine, which is sorta independent. Pelicans are so gay and Kiev is so pwned, where are the bears?

    (Thank you.)

  3. RadioGaGa says:

    ))))))) And there’re lot’s of elephants they walk around Moscow

  4. Dee Bee says:

    How cute!

    And even cuter when a bear comes along and eats it!

  5. Bishop Brennan says:

    ^ Indeed!

  6. Kirgiz says:

    The guy on the left is flipping the bird off.

  7. I am retweeting your post. I anticipation you don’t mind.

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