27 Strange Crash

Strange Crash

Posted on December 5, 2006 by team

Strange crash happened in Russia.

A guy on Ford Focus smashed into the road barrier but it seems like the barrier has somehow come inside his car.

Take a look:

strange crash

strange crash


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27 Responses to “Strange Crash”

  1. Punching Judy says:

    So… I can only assume that he’s very dead?

  2. Punching Judy says:

    Also, where did this happen in Russia? Looks more like a US roadway.

  3. John says:


    Take a look at the cars on the road. Clearly not US.

  4. kazimann says:

    Plus that’s a Euro-spec. Ford Focus (you can tell by the amber in the rear lights and the long reg. plate).

  5. 4emist says:

    And there are not such trees in US. Those kind of trees called “Bereza”. It looks like Kievskoe highway.

  6. admiral says:

    Einsteins, look at the truck’s license plate – it is Russian!

  7. Xavi says:

    An extra proof of taking place in Russia: a truck passing by with its plate number (russian) written on its rear part.

  8. Tom H says:

    The US is required to put 55 gallon impact barrels full of water at the beginning and end of guard rails to prevent this. They are also in front of the bridge uprights.

  9. Punching Judy says:

    Ah, I didn’t interpret that truck’s rear writing to be its plates. I can only make out “EB0508″, which doesn’t scream RUSSIA! to me.

    “And there are not such trees in US.”
    Um, this looks like every road I drive down in the Southeastern US.

    And in the end, I’m still wondering if the driver is dead.

  10. kenneth says:

    what can you tell us about the lefortovo tunnel?


  11. Steelbud says:

    As a citizen of Moscow, I can tell you that it is one of the longest tunnels in the city. It was built as a part of the “third ring”. These crashes happen when people either exceed speed limit or switch their driving lane which is forbidden in the tunnels.

  12. Goran says:

    It’s Russia. You can see Lada in front of truck on the other picture. Ive been driving that car for some time ( model Samara).
    About those remarks from usa.
    Standard in most east countries isn’t so bad. Most of people in bigger cities live like people in EU. And , can aford at least some 5-6 yrs. old european car , like f.focus.
    btw, B in cyrilic is V.

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  14. Glorius says:

    EB0508 is typical number for lorries in Russia, where there are two first letters (only those Cyrillic letters that exist in Roman alphabet) and for digits. And also number plate should have two or three digits region code (can’t read it in the photo), “RUS” mark and small Russian flag.

  15. Dave says:

    If that guy isn’t dead, he missed a good chance.

    Also, US rails aren’t required to have a barrell of water, but there are all manner of other things used to make sure this doesn’t happen. Rail ends either coil to ease impact or meet the ground to ease the car over them. Both methods ensure that the rail doesn’t ever go into the car. Rails usually use breakaway wooden posts for the first several feet so that it absorbs impact force rather than just bouncing the car off. I’m sure that the old ones are still around some places and that this could happen here, but wouldn’t be as likely.

  16. AlexK says:

    btw, this is russia.
    in moscow there might be rails and much more.
    also, all the cars are russian, except for the range rover

  17. AlexK says:

    it is too bad there is no picture of the front of the car

  18. VladimirS (Russia) says:

    Many cars are russian. Yellow on the 1st photo is VAZ-2115, light blue and dark blue on the 2nd photo are VAZ-2109.

  19. Olga says:

    Oh….what a discussion=) why arent you sure that this highway is russian? its just a typical road and I cant really understand the reason for this arguing, by the way we had a similar accident last week in moscow region

  20. adolf says:

    have you ever hit a 55 gallon drum of water at 65 mph? Oh and the air temp is maybe 10 degrees. I would rather hit the rail.

  21. A guy used photoshop to do that

  22. Eskafolon says:

    It is Russia. About it speaks number by the lorry, some Russian cars on a back background. Vegetation, Birches. Not clearly, the driver is dead or alive. If it is dead, it is no wonder. Has carried if it is alive. Not clearly also as it has managed to make it with the car. It is highway, not turn.

  23. Tierry says:

    Car was sliding against the barrier, at some point rail joints connecting the rail into one long line broke apart.
    When that happened the following piece stayed in original position, while pressured piece and the car shifted to the left side. Since the the car continued to move, disjoined bar simply penetrated the car.
    Nothing unusual, if picture could show you couple of meters behind the car, you could clearly see what have happened.

  24. A.J. says:

    Notice that the car’s rear license plate is sitting atop the trunk (or “boot” for the UK version) lid, and that the lid itself is bent outward where the rail penetrates it. I would say that the rail did in fact enter the car at the (mostly unseen) damaged area in the left/front and exited the rear. The driver may not have suffered too severely if the rail remained close to the door as it entered the cabin there or passed by him from further forward, but if anyone was seated behind him, that person may have had a leg amputated or severely injured.

  25. kyle says:

    what the hell

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