22 Underground Whale in Moscow City

Underground Whale in Moscow City

Posted on December 4, 2006 by team

Some people say something strange is happening deep beneath Moscow city streets.

Some even think there live a some sort of underground whale.

Those pictures and one video are about such rumour.

Also on those pictures can be seen what a warm winter this time is in Moscow city.

There is now snow at all and there are places where is green grass can be seen. That’s not typical at all.

moscow city street

moscow city streetmoscow city street

And a video of this stream from underground:

via webpark.ru


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22 Responses to “Underground Whale in Moscow City”

  1. 4emist says:


  2. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Naw, it`s Shai-Hulud, the Guardian of Moscow Spice.

  3. 4emist says:


  4. Pappa says:

    I have gathered from reading this website, that Russia is quite a bizzare place. I am glad I live in the USA.

  5. Bert says:

    Goo goo g’joob

  6. JSupermarkets says:

    Looks extremely hazardous to one’s health.

  7. Bloopy says:

    The same photo is repeated 3 times! There’s another one: http://englishrussia.com/images/underground_whale/3.jpg

  8. strawberry blueberry says:

    Oh, nothing to worry about. Just one of those geyser/geothermal vent thingies, like in Yellowstone Park.

  9. Salocin.TEN says:

    Why is the red truck there? What is it for?

    Might be some kind of chlorine gas leak (chlorine gas is usually brown). Look out! It’s poisonous!

  10. dRE says:

    Pappa: USA is as much a bizarre place to us as Russia is to you. It’s just that you’re used to your own “bizarreness” and we’re used to ours.

  11. Meatball says:

    BelarusGuy: Do you actually read what you write? I don’t ask if you really get what you read – but if Russia ever drops below 100 mil – there will be nobody to read about it in belorussia, and we still gonna have more money.

  12. Marius says:

    Acts_of_Atrocity, ))))))))))

  13. LVcitizen says:

    Oh, it’s nothing special. One of the pipes blow off. as usual. I†’s winter. and winter in Russia always surprise suddenly, and nobody’s prepared. Authorities just didn’t expect a winter to come this year so early, somewhere in december…

    So that’s why there are a lot of technogenic catastrophes with heating systems and so on. Some cities usually stay without heating all winter long somewhere in Siberia, but that’s ok. That’s Russia

  14. Uncle Sidney says:

    It’s a very warm winter in NYC too. No snow maybe none at all this year. The Northern Hemisphere is very warm because of the global warming climate changes.

    As for your whale well I don’t know why the smoke is brown. She might be sick. We have steam tunnels under New York which is why in the movies, and tv shows you see white smoke at night. On the other hand maybe New York, and Moscow both have hundreds of whales living beneath them.

  15. Alex says:

    Oh my god! The poor whale is stuck beneath the road!!!

  16. joao says:


    Russia has been around more then 200 years already, nothing will change that weird place.

  17. Lulz says:

    It makes good fertilizer for the lawn next door! :)

  18. Brock says:

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  19. omg, Spice Girls rules!

  20. city news says:

    this is a very nice and interested site which is showing the Picture of Masco city which is looking the better than other looked.

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