92 Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above NYC

Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above NYC

Posted on December 4, 2006 by team

Here is a shocking story of Russian pilot, now living in the USA who was on the air 9th September 2001 and have made photos right from the air when planes crashed the WTC.

He worked at that time as a programmer in one of the dot coms and had some free time which usualy he spent flying Cessna 172SP plane around NYC.

We have this photos today.

Just when he took off he spotted a smoke coming from WTC towers. He was very surprised and headed in that direction:

wtc russian view

When he approached to George Washington Bridge he tuned to a local 1010 WINS news radio station. He says that at that time there was news that “a small plane hit WTC”. Then he switched to hear what other pilots flying above Gudson are talking about, but they discussed same thing “a small commuter that hit WTC”.

wtc russian view

So little by little he was approaching the Manhattan. He met a few small planes like his Cessna, and pilots were saying something like “Oh man there is something really bad happened!”

wtc russian view

He got even more closer and noticed another BOEING 737. He says that the BOEING was flying the same way it usualy does when going to landing from La Guardia destination, probably a little bit lower than usual.

wtc russian view

And then suddenly this BOEING 737 changes his course making a very sharp curve, targeting the South WTC tower.

He shot it at the moment it hit the building.

wtc russian view

The author of the photos says he doesn’t believe at all that this maneur could be done by some rookie who just graduated from “Florida Flight School”. According to his opinion it was some very experienced millitary pilot making his last kamikaze mission.

wtc russian view

After that he decided to find a place to land but all the places around NYC didn’t accept him so he had to fly to NJ and land there.

He hid the camera so that nobody could know he was filming.

Original story on Russian by MAXHO

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92 responses to “Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above NYC”

  1. ahmed says:

    hail osama

    • shabbir says:

      go and ask how jesus born we muslims dont fight like cowards we first warn and then attack who ever did it was totally wrong but nobody has the right to criticize others religion as a muslim i totally against such sir before commenting plz read our hadees.

      thank u may god solve all u r problems.

  2. mrcann says:

    osama = sosama

  3. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Whoever plotted this, must identified, convicted, and punished.

    And no laughing about it.

  4. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    (must BE identified, sry.)

  5. greatboots says:

    In reference to postings..it really doesn’t matter if he was flying to high or to low or really talking to other pilots, etc. These pictures just remind us of the fact that because someone imposed their beliefs on others, the whole world changed.

    I response to the “hail osama” posting..in 30 days I guess you can hail is swing body, according to his laws.

  6. Lucky he wasn't shot down! says:

    9th of September? It was the 11th. 9/11 is the American date layout, whereas the rest of the world would use 11/9, or 11/9/2001.

  7. Bert says:

    Finally photos of the infamous but lesser known 9 September disaster! 😉

  8. anonymous Canadian says:

    The author of the photos says he doesn’t believe at all that this maneur could be done by some rookie who just graduated from “Florida Flight School”. According to his opinion it was some very experienced millitary pilot making his last kamikaze mission.

    You must think Dubya, Cheney and Rumsfeld are the most evil people ever and the biggest geniuses ever to be able to pull off this con and keep it quiet all these years.

    You conspiracy theorists are truly insane.

    • free thinker says:

      why do some people believe what they are told in the media – why do you not have an original thought here – just look at evidence and go figure it out –

      anyone who looks at evidence will agree that towers came down in a controlled explosion

      It was admitted that building 7 was downed by a controlled demolition – pray tell how did they pull that off so quickly – these need careful planning and execution – the explosives were all in place before hand, that’s more than obvious

      btw are you from N’foundland?!?!

  9. DF says:

    lol 9th september disaster. im surprised i was right below the building on september 10th and didn’t see smoke at all.

  10. Ketaki says:

    How could he take the pictures from a plane when it wasen’t allowed to have planes in the air at 9/11?

  11. Mark says:

    Ahmed……You mean Hell Osama, thats where he will be, In the meantime ill pray for your salvation.

  12. Rayray says:

    According to this pilots opinion… This attack was obviously not done by an inexperienced pilot, and in my opinion, very few experienced military pilots would give their life for this. I’m curious to hear what this Russian pilot believes about the probability of this maneuver being attributed to preprogrammed or remote control of the aircraft.

  13. Nixer says:

    Hey Ahmed ,you raghead pig. 🙂

    My sons will bury you and yours with the dogs.

    Have a nice day.

    • henry balfour says:

      Nixer – you gotta stop letting the Trolls push bananas thru the bars of your box, sonny. Your psycho-patriot hernia will just get worse. Why can’t you do the burying, anyhoo ? Why must your sons do the hard work, eh? and leave the dogs above ground, Coon-Boy, they don’t deserve to be buried alive just to let your inbred spawn enjoy playing out some kind of “Deliverance” script fantasy. Maybe it’s time you went home and climbed back on top of your momma.

  14. gMan says:

    so it was the commies! i knew it!!

  15. Peter says:

    A Boeing 737? Interesting photo’s…but that is about all.

  16. “Any nation that gives up freedom for security deserves neither” – Benjamin Franklin (Founding Father of America)

    The attacks of 9/11/01 were nothing to be surprised by, only those with little knowledge of history or those marred in the enclosed walls of the US were scared and dumbfounded by these attacks. 9/11 while tragic, was very much avoidable and very much a result of US imposed foreign policies.

    To leave you with another quote: “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it again”

    Learn your history, fight the urge to be ignorant of your countries wrongdoings. Be patriotic, but be critical of political, military and social issues concerning your country. Let not one man be an island upon himself.

  17. Yep, i think the date at the top needs changing.

    Noticed that as soon as the page loaded.

  18. Levent says:

    9th september? in europe the day is before the month. it’s gotta be 11/9! It’s not his but americans mistake 🙂

  19. rod says:

    You have your date wrong, it was the 11th of september, not he 9th.

    Great pictures!

  20. heh says:

    heh…and to think of the tragedies that followed this incident…not to mention the rise to power of the absolute ludicrous dudes..and also Iraq (yay!)..thanks to the natural flexing of time, every second that passes us by..1/4 of a person is blown off in Iraq…at least Saddam mutilated the genitalias of people, nothing more 😉

  21. LordOfTheObvious says:

    Pointing out the obvious but it was 9/11, september the 11th not, 9th september. I mean, good grief, one of the most memorable days in American history and you guys can’t even get the right date.

  22. johne rotten says:

    pretty good pictures,but since all airtraffic was grounded,how was he able to stay airborne?

  23. Jison says:

    Why’d he hide the camera? Aliens, NSA, INS what?

  24. buhosjg says:

    Quien siembra vientos recoge tempestades
    (proverbio popular)

  25. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Just noticed the date.

    Astonishing ignorance.

  26. DAN RATHER says:

    UBL = United Bush League?

  27. Sig. says:

    Yes, the European version of the date WOULD be 11/9 — but that’s no excuse for this: “…who was on the air 9th September 2001…” Europeans would still say on 11th September 2001.

  28. Richie says:



  29. bo says:

    Did no commercial media want to pay anything for these spectacular & horrific pics, for first publish rights at least? Otherwise we’re to believe this pilot held on to them this long so could just toss them straight into public domain… Whatever, they don’t add much that i can immediately see, particularly on that free-fall collapse-in-footprint fable.

  30. dRE says:

    Whoever organized it, 9/11 let Americans commit some of the most horrible war crimes in the last years and put themselves on the pedestal of world dominance (very unstable one though). And Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and others should be trialed for the genocide of almost 600.000 Iraqis who died because of the war. Same goes for their crimes in Afganistan. Hopefully the time will come when America will pay its price for everything.

  31. RadioGaGa says:

    Many of political scientists of the world think american people
    who don’t like rulled grouping had prepared the murder… Or even goverment had prepared it to make several americans feelling fear…

  32. RMD says:

    In response to the question about there being no planes in the air 9/11. I believe all air traffic was grounded after the second plane hit. I know I was watching news reports that morning shot from small planes & choppers.

  33. Greyson says:

    To the author of the first comment:

    . Then you have the airline and air traffic control records; if it was faked, where did all the passengers of those flights go? What about their phone calls to friends and loved ones that their plane had been taken over? What about the thousands of witnesses who witnessed at least one crash from the right side of the building to see the impact? If the impactor was a missile, why is the hole in the building so elongated?

  34. Rick C says:

    I’ve never flown a plane, but I can play racing games and cut the wheel hard over and make a really sharp turn–why is it so hard to believe you could do the same thing with a plane? You can do it in a flight simulator. The idea that “an experienced military pilot” had to have done it just doesn’t really hold water.

    dRE: wipe the drool off your chin.

  35. LEVON says:

    I just dont get it!! is it actually neccessary to be some specially trained professional to hit a hidhest buildoing on an island with a plane?! It’s the same if you say that a beginner can hit a house with his car!!!

  36. Usama says:

    Usama is the king!
    I love him – USA is the Devil
    I wish Usama all luck!

  37. mike says:

    personally I do not think the middle east can be stabilized because of the fact it is nearly impossible to stop fighting that has been going on for hundreds of years. now that doesn’t mean that I regret the US shattering saddam’s grip on Iraq either; the world stood by and watched it happen because of a sheer “I don’t care” attitude. the world should be ashamed of its self that this [genocides] were allowed to happen.

    Oh look it’s a re-run [history]

    1) world ignores dictators/despots unless war actually hits their own country

    2) when a country does get attacked it is always expected to just sit there and do nothing

    3) after a major genocidal regime is toppled, the world feels bad about not doing anything earlier yet the next genocide is allowed to occur anyway.

    4) if a country does stop a genocidal regime the world is disgusted yet they are more than happy to let others suffer while they preserve “peace”

    5) countries that supported the toppling of the regime turn and run at the first sign of work [stabilizing the country to prevent future genocides]

    4* world peace doesn’t mean waiting until there are none left to speak of genocide; it means making sure there are no genocides.

  38. RadioGaGa says:

    2 BelarusGuy
    I’m improving it here.
    mind your own business!

  39. illlich says:

    Nothing generates blog traffic like 9/11 controversy (except maybe porn).

    I think the aliens did it, they are trying to get us to kill each other off (like a human pitting the red ants against the black ants for amusement).

    I also think they should rebuild the WTC towers (almost) exactly as they were before– that’ll show those pesky aliens (or Osama, or the Illuminati, or Bush, or “____” whoever did it).

  40. asddsa says:

    It was a 767, not a ’37

  41. Bessie Harrah says:

    All wars are atrocities. Millins killed. Whole cities bombed to bits. Wars are not provoked by the people who will fight in the war. The International bankers decide when to make war. Presidents and the like are just figureheads. As long as the people who wear those funny little hats are in power there will be wars and depressions whenever they need one.
    Wars are just a smokescreen for other major events.
    “Vhy do they hate us so, Vhat have ve done”

  42. Joe says:

    personally I do not think the middle east …
    Comment by mike — December 6, 2006 @ 8:52 pm

    So WTF does Iraq have to do with the WTC attacks? You are a typical bone-headed neo-con apologist. Thank G-d that America is starting to wake up.

  43. M Haanel says:

    “Here is a shocking story of Russian pilot, now living in the USA who was on the air 9th September 2001 and have made photos right from the air when planes crashed the WTC.”

    Not only is it clearly a muy clever conspiracy, but I guess the Russians have some sort of time machine. How clever can you be?

  44. Boba Fett says:

    Just need to turn off bold. Thanks.

  45. shark says:



  46. shark says:



  47. Julian says:

    Im sure someone out there had a telescope in their buildings. Give us some close ups

  48. I’m sticking with my original conspiracy theory: There was strong intelligence floating around that something very bad was going to happen and the white house chose not to escalate the matter. Whether this was sheer incompetence or hawkish officials purposely letting a potential crisis development to send us to war, we may never know, but the act would not be without precedent.

    A hawkish FDR knew that an attack on Pearl Harbor was looming and did little to intervene in the matter. The public, senate and congress were soon crying for vengeance. Sound familiar?

  49. y says:

    hello world. New world I should say. nothing happens without a reason. Whether the arabs did it or ourselves (the americans) it happened for a reason. And that reason was to get some sob’s more money in their pockets. and those sob’s are:
    the army
    the police
    larry silverstein
    the bush family and friends
    lockheed martin
    and of course other fortune 500 companies that organized this because of all the economic growth that will result from Iraq, afganistan (the oil and other products) aswell as India and soon China.

    So if you want to accuse someone might aswell be the ceo of your company…because look at how business went to india and china – we all lost our IT jobs and we’ll never get them back.

    instead of arguing as per who did it…we should go on the F#$%#ing streets and claim our jobs back…there are 7million jobs that we lost to india and noone is panicking yet…what are you waiting for?

  50. me says:

    rest in peace. all victims of the 911.

  51. a russian says:

    yes this is a pure evidence of a russian spy pilot filming the incident because he knew it’s gonna happen. Why else he would hide the camera? And why it took so long to publish these photos? It is quite obvious that it was Putin who has planned the operation. This is a good chance to start a humanitarian operation against Russia like you did in Somalia or Iraq or many other places! What about Opreation Red Heat as the code name of the operation?

  52. r2d2 says:

    O and hail bush. Even though I voted for gore.:]

  53. payam says:

    this is a very very bad accsident !!! and i am sorry for it !

  54. Spartan says:

    You are all wrong,
    the heavens attacked the towers and the other sites,do your reseach,and stop adding to the second conspirocy,wich is that USA did this to them selfs.the reason all this mess is not to spread fear to humans,,it was not terroist,,it was not the zionist,,,or the americans but they were involved in makeing it seem that they did it them selves..
    to those who know what im talking about..i have a message….. your time is up billy the goat.your ways are over.no more evil,no ,more pain or death..The Saints are here,
    and you can take that to the bank.
    next time dont hide behind little children mr bush,the saints wont care next time.
    PS; Blessed are the meek.
    The Spartan.
    Live to Die,Die to Live.

  55. Spartan says:

    Hello people.
    Today i will talk to you about building 7,thats the one that fell for no aparent reason,hahaha!. now lets go throu what they(USA)want us to belive, that the owner off building 7,gave a green light to,in his own words”pull it,just pull it”hahaha! the truth is more exciting, let me tell you what really happen, when the great laser from the sky did there job,they had to hit that building also, becouse its a inteligence center for all the wrong demonic resons, the great laser from the sky took aim and bang blasted the F…s, colapsed in the same fashion as towers,STRAIGHT DOWN,hehehe, they(USA)were not expecting that one,SO they quikly got the owner,min later to do a camera shot,were he tells (who knows who)to pull it,expresion used for demolitions to drop the building,Becouse it was on fire,hahahahaha1, are you still with me people, part off the plan worked,or so it seems.
    Fact= if you look at after shots of building 7,notice a perfect circle on top of colapsed building 7,thats the great laser from the sky, i repeat, notice the perfect circle above building 7,thats the great laser from sky,hahahahaha! even when colapsed you can see the circle.
    anyone know why…great laser from the sky.
    The Spartan.
    PS;do not be afraid of the first death,be afraid of the second death.
    Live to Die,Die to Live.

  56. Spartan says:

    Hello People.
    Let me tell you a little about the pentagon attack, this is a doozie, first the people who control the great laser in the sky have a greek mind,but not a roman sword,,more like a greek sword, whats this got to do with it,simple, a greek sword is pride,and plenty of it, so when they(good UFO’s)found out that billy the goat was re-enforceing the pentagon complex,the dicision was to hit them at there strengths,(my weakness,is more than your strength/bible note) Note= the wall was built with kevlar and other elements wich i will not go into, but will tell u,a plane or missile would of done F..k all to the wall,so they aimed the great laser from the sky and shot two blast at the pentagon,one at the wall ,side on,the second deep down,going a few floors deep,(chek facts on how many floors were damaged)also on some footage people swear there was a second blast withing the smoke,that was the second great laser from the sky shot,wich went deep into the heart of the beast central inteligence,hahaha!
    NOW,there is a blast hole from the first great laser from the sky shot,all the way on the other side,proveing that the great laser from the sky is versitile,hehe almost to some degree vertical, the funny photos of demonic symbol sprayed left of the blast hole made us rofl, how pathetic mr billy the goat,the pics are on your internet,chek it people.
    Are you still with me,my brothers,or is your mind blocked by the bad UFO’s,who are stuk in this solar system,and are about to meet there maker, thats right,there maker.
    who ever belives in Jesus Christ,MUST NOT think otherwise,or your not with us,be warned the true christians on earth rejoiced at the sight of this day, like the days of sodom and the other cities wich God destroyed,he spared the rest on 9/11/01, but so far you have seen floods,wind,fire,sexual imorality…and more.
    Are you still with me,my Brothers.
    Rejoice,the goats day and his followers are up.in less years than you have fingers.
    PS;blessed are the pure of heart,for they shall see the most up highs face.
    The Spartan.
    Live to Die,Die to Live.

  57. marcin says:

    loook closly there is a white dot in the uppper right corner of the 4 th photto

  58. chloe says:

    R.I.P to all of the people who died in 9/11 miss yu tamra luv yu allways

  59. spartan's fan says:

    God… I never laughed that much before reading Spartan stories.
    Brother, I would pay you and publish your book when you want, really!

    With love,

    A forever Spartan’s fan.

  60. sam says:

    Good work by osama ,this will teach alesson to america to not indulge in internal matters of others

  61. Dawn says:

    this is rele SAD and depressing!!!!!!!!! lol

  62. heatmiser says:

    If conspirosy theorists have all the answers, why can’t they figure out when to start and end paragraphs, how to capitalize or how to use punctuation?

  63. DocReality says:

    Oh yes passports can survive fireballs! How’d they pull that one off? Lets see M Atta is videotaped in Bangor Maine that morning, yet his car full of incriminating evidence is found right away at a Boston area hotel. You see Mr. Atta can bend space and time and can inter dimensionally travel to be in many places at once!!!
    How convenient that all the SEC files and investigations involving billions in fraud such as Enron,AIG,Blackstone,Silver Stream,WorlCom all went up in smoke at the WTC letting many fraudsters off the hook! What a break for them, And how about those investigations at the ONI at the Pentagon involving trillions in missing funds. What a lucky shot by Hani Hanjour a guy who could barely fly a single engine Cessna. He wiped out the evidence and killed most of the investigators. What a blessing for someone. Ah it’s just ‘ coincidence’ More you say? How about the war games that day that diverted 95% of the countries air power up to Alaska. Man those terryists sho’ are pretty smart to pull that off. 5 involved live hijack scenarios that threw the whole air controller network off. Turns out the software used by the air controllers was produced by an Israeli linked firm PTech from Revere Ma. But wait theres more and more and more. Follow the money. Open your blind eyes and do a little ‘ research’.
    Americans are so dumbed down and filled with false pride and ignorance. Think critically. Who is really benefiting. Arabs? I don’t think so. The Pentagon is raking in trillions, DHS billions. You have been brainwashed and you have been tricked, easily I might add. But hey instead of checking into it, and I mean really and honestly checking into it, we can expect more childish attacks, right? Then again its easy to outwit the multibillion dollar most technologically advanced airforce in the world for nearly 2 hours in the most protected airspace on earth. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!!!!

  64. jose says:

    ruski? in our airspace? kill kill kill persecute stone stone stone bomb bomb bomb
    boo boo boo boo U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A
    remember, jesus saves !

  65. Observer says:

    Two possible scenarios:

    These four planes on 9/11 were probably remote-controlled.

  66. NWOkiller says:

    9/11 was a Zionist job. Its been proven now. 100 Israeli Mossad Agents arrested by FBI. No Plane hit the Pentagon. WTC7 wasnt hit by a place and fell at free fall speed. 9/11 commission was a total cover-up. Questions regarding Israel involvement were covered up and ignored.

    American government has been hijacked by Zionist Jews, hellbent on creating a New World Order. They hate Russia because Russia is no longer Communist. Communism is a Jewish Ideology created to “divide and conquer” the Christian Church. WWI-WWII shouldve never happened. It was perpetrated and designed by Jewish Radicals, Banksters, Elitist, Zionist and Writers.

    Boycott Israeli goods and companies. Boycott the New World Order. Boycott the European Union.

  67. 1976 says:

    HA… you mean Bush, Rumsfield and Cheney… smacktard…

  68. Nice post. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

  69. TUALMASOK says:

    Watching all this live on TV, there were no reports of a plane hitting the Pentagon. The reports live on the scene all reported a chopper going down. It wasn’t until a day or two later that the plane stories came out.

    The debris field for the Pentagon strike is also very small, considering the explosions the WTC suffered when the planes blew. Also consider the Pentagon is armoured, so the plane would have “popped” on the outside of the building, not internally, exposing covers tories that the plane burned inside the building.

  70. Proxy.my says:

    We all need new proxy each day don’t we? There’s many ways to get them. Personally I love to join proxy group. From there I’ll get tons of new proxy each day.

  71. SteveZ says:

    So this pilot was flying for an extended amount of time, just happened to be in perfect position to actually photograph the 2nd incoming plane, and instead only caught the moment that the 2nd plane hit… and not the intact plane just before it hit the building… then proclaiming it was without a doubt a BOEING 737? Sounds strange.

    Maybe I missed something, but is there an actual photo anywhere that identifies the planes as commercial airliners?

  72. CornBalls says:

    I have never ran into a websites with more comments from 9-11 lunatics then this one. Thanks for the pics but I’d rather stick to the sites I already know where the comments are mentally sound!

  73. Wayne Staley says:


    What permissions do I need to use the labeled
    “The author of the photos says he doesn’t believe at all that this maneur could be done by some rookie who just graduated from “Florida Flight School”. According to his opinion it was some very experienced millitary pilot making his last kamikaze mission.” I’m posting a short 9/11 essay on my competitiveamerica website tomorrow.

    Best regard, Wayne

  74. Really a bad day for all Americans.

  75. Aaron Wall says:

    Great helpful information, Thanks for this nice post, just subscribed your feed, hope you will update new post soon.
    keep it up.



    Ignore these traitors who don’t want the truth getting out. They don’t speak for millions of Americans and certainly not for the murdered.

    OF COURSE, no amateur pilot made those manuevers. The planes were remote controlled.

    The Russian pilot who took these great photos needs to join Pilots for 9/11 Truth. They are online.

  77. Abacus says:

    “…The author of the photos says he doesn’t believe at all that this maneur could be done by some rookie who just graduated from “Florida Flight School”. According to his opinion it was some very experienced millitary pilot making his last kamikaze mission…”

    I never stop wondering how after 911 the whole world was suddenly flooded with superexperts of construction, chemistry, technologies etc. etc. who immediately annihilated any rational aspect of explanations to what happened that day.

    Here is another one – a programmer-hobby pilot who unmistakenly determines skills of another pilot by his only maneuver seen from miles away!!

    I am jealous, really.

  78. IvanoFFedor says:

    And still variants?

  79. JethroPLabos says:

    Wow, what a crazy aeroplane crash! I hope it wasn’t a passengers aeroplane! I wonder what happened to the people in the building, must have been some bad explosion inside!

  80. it jobs are very much in demand these days because of technology boom,`,

  81. froggy says:

    I have to say that i don’t buy into all these conspiracy theory’s but how did the terrorist know that a drill simulating a hijacking that day was going on in the US? I don’t believe in coincidences.

  82. Wood Shelf says:

    i like it jobs because it is a high paying job and you work in an air conditioned office *.*

  83. pietro nino says:

    pearl harbor,,fake moon landing,,wtc,,jfk, second kenedy, martin luter king ???????

  84. smooz says:

    9/11 was planned and executed by al Qaida funded by Russia and Iran so that america would target islam.. then communist propaganda blamed it on the American government sadly many brainwashed people still believe that 9/11 was an inside job..

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