29 House Upside Down

House Upside Down

Posted on November 28, 2006 by team

russian house

So sometimes in Russia houses are built up-side-down.

The house is from St. Petersburg region.

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29 responses to “House Upside Down”

  1. Xpucmoqpop says:

    Do you get that feeling, that many things in Russia are upside down?;)(don’t get it too seriously)

  2. Stephen says:

    I don’t get it–I assume they would flip them over after they’re constructed, but what reason would they have for building them this way?

  3. ilyich says:

    Perhaps this is the site of a future surrealist museum.

    Clearly it’s meant to be “upside down” (and not flipped over when done) because the only door is down the bottom, at the “peak” of the “roof.”

  4. Grundes says:

    Ilyich, no, I don’t think it is supposed to be upside down — look at the window frames, it’s not very convenient to have them this (upside down) way.

    And you can’t say the visible door is the only one, as we don’t see at least one more side of the house. Remember the story about a mathematician looking at sheep? 😉

  5. FKT says:

    That’s what you get when you read the instructions upside down…

  6. Bill says:

    At least it’s a lot cooler than the upside-down Christmas trees that are so popular in the states this year.

  7. xcb says:

    Too much vodka? 🙂

  8. dRE says:

    “upside-down Christmas trees”?? Americans must have smoked too much pot this year. 😉

  9. someone says:

    I think they are trying to fix its floor or something.
    As I see – windows are really up-side down, so it’s flipped. And it looks like usual village, according to amount of mess around and quality of borders, this is really not a place for a specific design and it doesn’t look like that.

    The door we can see here is not an entrance to the house, instead of that, it’s an entrance to the roof (usual thing in houses like that).

    The real door can’t be seen on this picture.

  10. Bill says:

    Yeah dRE, it sure is crazy. It’s claimed that the upside down christmas tree makes more floor space. Check out the link/

  11. Zippy says:

    Some people in Holland – like me – have christmas trees also upside down. That’s our statement that we hate christmas as we know it. Stowing ourselves with food, talk about peace while three quarter of the world is starving or at war does not make sense.

  12. Vetal17 says:

    and sometimes in russia houses live in you

  13. Natalka says:

    This is absurd! I’m originally from Russia and never ever have I seen anything like an upside down house.

  14. Kazol says:

    Russian engineers+Vodka+Low quality building materials

  15. Zippy: You say that just by flipping your Christmas tree upside down that is making a statement? Wow, that is some statement, by flipping your tree upside down, it is just upside down. If you hate Christmas the way that you know it, then I really feel sorry for you, and every time you see that tree, it is going to make you feel more sorry for yourself. If you really wanted to change, you would unflip your tree and invite some homeless people into your house for Christmas dinner, oh but lets not do that, and definately lets not go and volunteer to serve the homeless at the shelter, or buy Christmas gifts for someones children that you know aren’t going to have anything this year.
    When are people going to stop feeling so sorry for themselves especially around the Holidays? Everybody wants to try to ” make a stand ” but they do nothing. Wow, turning your tree upside down, what’s next, are you going to flip your car upside down because you are now on a global warming kick? C’mon, do something that is going to make a change instead of getting online complaining about the world as we know it, then getting going out to dinner. Stop trying to act like you are a huge actuvist that lives in a tent somewhere in the wild. If you wanted to help you would, but you don’t, you want to complain.

  16. Leo says:

    what proof do we have that this is russia?

  17. Pyro says:

    Upsidedown christmas tree? what the hell are you talking about? where would you put the angel >.

  18. Ashlee says:

    This isn’t the first upside down house and I doubt it will be the last. Artists or just plain crazy people all over the world have done this. Whatever makes them happy I guess. It doesn’t look like their finished with it yet though, so none of us know exactly what’s going on with it. I think it’s cool though. I’m sure their the only ones on the block that can say their house is upsidedown. BTW, I’m from America and I know nothing of these upsidedown Christmas trees. Aparently their not too popular because I haven’t seen them in my travels this year.

  19. none says:

    well… i guess thats what happens when the builders drink too much vodka..

  20. chris says:

    in communist russia house built upside down

  21. Jay says:

    In Soviet Russia, telephone calls you!

  22. a person says:

    If you look at the eves of the house (which would normally face the ground) they have been covered. This is to prevent rain leaves and other stuff from getting caught between the outside of the house and the roof. This is a dead giveaway that the house was meant to sit upside down. And how could that door be to the roof? What’s the point of that?

  23. Dan says:

    dude, everyone who thinks this is an accident, or they intend to flip it over is an R-tard. this is architectural art. Of course it was meant to be upside-down!! If it flipped over because of wind(not likely) it certainly wouldn’t still be perfectly perpedicular, and it definitely isn’t easir to build id upside-down, then flip it back over. It’s obviously intended to be as it is in the picture, and I think it’s a cool-ass idea.

  24. Mary says:

    In Soviet Russia, upside-down house builds YOU!

  25. beno says:

    it looks like a boat

  26. Shinanigans says:

    This is probably a tourist attraction or some kind of publicity stunt.

    There is one in Florida as well


    If you ask me….it’s just a waste of time and money.

  27. Shinanigans says:

    Sure you did

  28. Laurente says:

    See upside down house in Szymbark / Poland


  29. How many companies actually know how to prune trees correctly?

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